Friday, August 29, 2014

Belfast Maine

Made it to Belfast safe and sound. Was actually a nice drive, not too much traffic. I did pull over once after stopping for some road construction and then hearing a nasty clanging in the driver’s front tire.  I had lost a lug nut cover in Linda’s driveway right before I left, and it was the same tire. I only stopped to make sure nothing had changed. And then I pulled over one more time because the turn sneaked up on me and I didn’t have enough room to slow down and turn, plus I really needed a pee break.

Jerry was outside waiting for me when I arrived and he guided me in. Was an easy process. Got the camp all setup, chairs out, sarongs hung (I'm basically right on the road, the sarongs are for privacy). Then we visited. I have water and electricity. Jerry also helped me mount the safety handle over the bed to help me get up in the morning. That is when my back is the worst, and I swear I re injure it every morning. That sure did help this morning! Plus it gives me a place to clamp my fan.

We are going to pop that hubcap today and see what the story is. Worst case, I will need to have a new lug bolt installed, but the existing one is still there, the cover just won’t screw on, threads are stripped. Best case is that I picked up a rock. Might have to go find a nut that will fit, but it is Friday and we should be able to do that.

Kali Cat travelled better this time. She did cry when I put her in the crate, we weren’t even moving, but only intermittently during the drive, and NO accidents! She is such a good girl. She is on her third outing here. I walked with her the first time late yesterday, this morning she is on her own and has checked back in twice so far.

Ellen made sandwiches for lunch and we sat under the awning and ate. She also made a very nice dinner and then some relaxing time in recliners. They even brought a third recliner into the living room just for me. 

The dogs seem to like me, but aren’t crazy over Kali Cat. They bark at her, but they are fenced in. I am assuming she is smart enough not to get too close.

Intermittent 3G on the phone. No wifi, so I am using my mobile wifi. It is working like a champ. :) That was definitely a good investment. 

This morning I downloaded a couple of exercises and a booklet for sciatic pain. It made sense. The day I sat on Linda’s couch cross legged and stretched was my best day so far. So I will start on those today. If I can’t eliminate it, maybe I can at least lessen it. 

It has been quite windy here, the result of hurricane Christobal. So I have had to bungee the open door to the mirror like I did in IP to keep it from slamming closed. I don’t want to be in the way when it does, and I fear for Kali Cat. She is back in now BTW. She knows where home is, no matter where home is. 

Today is garbage day here so I need to go gather my trash and clean the litter box. Then to figure out what to do about the tanks. I am parked right next to their well, so dumping isn’t a good idea. But the are both three quarters full and need to be dealt with. I wonder how long my hose is….

Photos are coming in on the 39 Alder Street demolition. I will post them as I get them. Here are yesterday's.

The above pic was Wednesday. Below, yesterday.

I'm anxious to see today's progress. Photos courtesy of Jenn Hanlon.

BTW, I don't miss it yet. Just a few people.

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