Saturday, August 30, 2014

Apples! Yes, it is that time of year.

Yesterday we went to Mainely Apples in Brooks and bought Jersey Macs, and then did the mile long nature walk with the dogs. I haven’t been walking much lately with everything that has been going on and the back issue, but the info I read online about sciatica says to keep moving, exercise is the best medicine. Couldn’t prove it by me this morning, I am very uncomfortable. I put on some fresh icy hot and took some Aleve before we left and I was ok. A little slow, but no major twinges. By the time we got back, it was about a half hour drive, my muscles had already tightened up.

Quiet afternoon. I did a website update, and then finally got around to changing the battery in my phone. Wasn’t too hard, but there was one tiny piece that came out I had trouble putting back in. I finally got it. I have better signal now, and we will see if it stays charged up better.  An eight dollar fix as opposed to buying a new phone. There is nothing wrong with the phone, but I may need to delete some seldom used apps. It seems to be staying charged up a little better, but it is hard to tell, hasn’t been long enough for a true trial.

Aaron, a friend of Jerry’s came over to take a look at Ody’s front wheel. The thing that was clanging around in the hubcap was the grease fitting cover. Not good, but can be fixed. He is coming back today to repack both front tires and will fix the stem extension that caused the nut to fall off. At some point, I will have to find an RV place that can take a look at her and see if there is anything else that might need some attention, and maybe pick up a few spare parts. The Ford dealership didn’t have the extension I needed, but we found later that I still had the old one and Aaron is going to try to repair it. He’s charging me $20 for the work.

Kali Cat has been out and about quite a bit. So far, she always comes back. She knows Ody is home, no matter where we are. She is such a good girl. She was just sitting beside me under the awning and purring. She seems to be sleeping less too. Maybe she needed some excitement in her life too. This pic is of her yesterday when the guys were standing around talking..

We got the tanks emptied yesterday too. My gray tank was full and there was standing water after I got done showering. So I am happy to have that done. I don’t know when I will be able to do that again. I will have to make sure my fresh water tank is full when I leave here as I will be dry camping indefinitely after I head Portlandy way.

Not sure what day I will be heading out from here. It is a holiday weekend, and am not sure what the traffic is going to be like. Plus, I don’t want to be driving in a lot of rain, which is in the forecast.

My sleeping seems to be getting back to normal. Sleep three or four hours, up for a little while then sleep a couple more hours. I think I got about six hours last night and seven the night before. But once the sun goes down, I am toast. Tried watching a little TV with Ellen and Jerry, but kept wanting to doze off, so I called it a night.

I think I am going to pick up a small TV and a high def antenna when I finally hit a Walmart. They get a bunch of channels here without cable. Would be nice to have TV to watch since it would be too expensive to watch online like I am used to. Plus, I think there is an adapter I can put on the existing antenna to bring in high def. Will have to do a little research.

A couple of finds yesterday. A feather from Jake and a dragonfly from somewhere.

And yesterday's demolition update. Photos courtesy of Jenn Hanlon and Bruce Rolfe. Thanks guys! :)

The Brighton Motorsports building is down and cleaned up. My building will go on Tuesday. I wish I could be there to see it.

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