Monday, August 11, 2014

Bit the bullet and just did it.

I finally got my printer moved out to Ody along with the cloud drive, and guess what, they work! My network is still intact! I have been dreading this. Afraid the printer wasn't going to fit along with all the other crap, but it did. It could use an inch or so lift, but I am just going to work around it for now. I still need to get my router and mobile wifi setup, but those are minor. There is even room for my UPS.

Today's goal is to finish moving out. Everything but my little oven and  ice maker. I should be able to get that done. They have already come and uninstalled both propane heaters that I sold, the fencing is still here, but I expect that to go any time.

I bombed the building last night and vacuumed when I came in this morning. Pretty easy with no rugs or furniture. Should be flea free now.

The heaters were uninstalled this morning. I got a look at the inside of the wall.

I'm glad I kept all my sarongs. They are coming in handy for sun blocks on the awning. I may run some velcro the whole length of the awning bar and on the edges of some of the sarongs so all I will have to do is stick them up there as I need them. I knew they would be handy, and multipurpose.

Just sold the computer chair out from under my butt. This lawn chair sits a little low, so I will probably be packing up this computer later today.

Washer and dryer went yesterday.

That just leaves the air conditioner. And I might have that sold. 

Off to lunch at the Yellow Deli with Lisa. I haven't done any food shopping, so this is a good thing.

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