Monday, August 25, 2014


A rough night last night. My back is still bothering me quite a bit. I am beginning to think I have a pinched nerve. Gotta figure out a way to get that fixed. I used Dan’s Icy Hot this morning and it actually does help.

PJ, Dan’s cat, decided he wanted in the RV at midnight last night. Scratching and climbing the door, crying, just being a pain in the ass. Kali Cat thought he was annoying too and hissed and growled at him. I ended up closing the outside door. Thankfully, it had cooled off enough that it wasn’t a problem. PJ has an issue with talking, he talks non stop and it does get annoying.

Dan has this thing called a theracane. It is for applying pressure to sore muscles. I may look into getting one. I tried his a little while ago, but can’t tell if it helped yet. Don’t think it hurt.

Today I am off to Linda’s for two nights. Hoping she is going to want to go shopping at some point. There are a few things I would like to pick up. Some doggie poo bags, Icy Hot, a lanyard (non floating) for my sunglasses, and a few other things. I am ready to move on. But it has been a nice visit with Dan. I hope I didn’t inconvenience him too much.

Even tho it is quite hot and stuffy, my head feels a little clearer today. I may be adjusting to the thicker air. I had forgotten mountain air was thinner. That explains some of my sluggishness. The rest can be attributed to being over tired, and pain killers. My stomach is a little funky due to the Aleve, but that should clear up soon. Huge adjustments.

Kali Cat DID go out yesterday, a couple of times. She would explore a little, then come back for a drink of water and a bite to eat, then back out. She did that three or four times. I let her out briefly again at the end of the day, but didn’t let her go back out when she came back because she and PJ spotted each other. She has been out this morning once, and is now snoozing in the shower. I cleaned her box, and found the feliway spray for the crate so that is ready for the drive. Using one kitty blanket this time in case of accidents. That way I will have a clean one to put down while I get the other one washed.

The dragonflies are incredible here. Watched this whole show at dusk last night. I even videoed some of it. There were a few out this morning, but are gone for the day now. I thought it fitting.

It is so quiet here you can actually hear the bugs from several feet away.

Will be breaking camp shortly. I have the inside pretty much squared away, now I need to do the outside. But it is sunny and hot and I am waiting until the last minute.

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