Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Almost done.

I would say maybe one more full day, and I will be done with downsizing and moving. Finally!

I got the pantry and the cupboard over the sink dealt with yesterday. A friend took a lot of the stuff that I didn't transfer, and the rest went into the trash. I still have a few things that I am using that will need to be moved last minute, but I'm just about there!

Still need to sell the AC, washer and dryer. Posted them on FB yesterday, but no bites. Guess I am going to have to do craigslist. One more small yard sale. Or, maybe just put the stuff out front for free. Not much of anything of any value left except the appliances.

Went to Iola's for the afternoon and dinner. I got to see some wildlife while I was there. These pics were taken with my new waterproof camera.

Mama and little one in for an evening nibble.

Chuckie is eating an apple from one of their many trees. Not a bad pic considering how far away he was. Not as good as my big camera, but I'm pleased.

And an awesome hummer air show the whole time I was there. 

A nice visit and a great dinner that I didn't have to cook. Thank you Iola. :)

When I got back, Albert and Jamie had been here and finished taking down the courtyard fence. It looks trashy now. Today's chore will be to clean up that area and most likely move Ody up next to the building. Of course now I am done moving most everything, but it will give me a little more privacy while living in my driveway.

I'm hoping to be able to back her up along side the back of the building. Then setup a trial camp with the awning and everything. A test drive...Will be interesting to see how Kali Cat reacts to Ody on the move. 

Also, being much closer to the building, I should be able to move my printer and cloud drive out to Ody and still have them able to access the network. I could have setup the wifi extender, but just never got around to it. I have it in case I need it. I can move the modem closer to the back with the 25ft phone cord if I need to.

The bottom line is, I am almost done. Finally. It feels like it has taken forever. I have parted with a lot of stuff, and will probably have to part with more as this journey continues. Some of it sentimental, some just stuff I liked. I'm hoping I won't miss it too much. But downsizing has been a good thing. If/when I settle somewhere, I can start over.

I'm just about ready to make the big leap to the next stage, actually being on the road.

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