Monday, August 25, 2014


A few of my random thoughts sitting here at 4 AM in the dark under the awning. First night gone.

It seems surreal. I sold my home and moved into a motor home. I have no specific destination in mind, and no place to come back to. I am officially a full timer.  It hasn’t really sunk in yet. 
When I left yesterday morning it was damp and very foggy. Too busy keeping my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road to look and see IP in my rear view mirror or to really say goodbye. I left the place that has been home for the last 14 plus years. Where Jake and I made a life until he died. For me, it wasn’t much of a life there without him. Long winters, lonely. Not from lack of trying tho.

I tried to record mileage and state lines when I crossed them, but instacorder did not work. So I don’t have those sound bites of my first thoughts. I used a half tank of gas getting here, and by rough calculations, that makes about 10mpg. Will do an accurate reading when I fill it up again. It rode fine, so I don’t have to have the tires balanced. At least not right now.

My cargo area/storage isn’t working already. I ran out of paper plates, I have more, but they are in one of the bins under a bunch of other stuff. I am going to have to move a bunch of stuff to get to them. Will try to rearrange so that I have better access to my food bin.

I’m in Mt Vernon Maine. It is so quiet here I can hear the fridge in the rig running. Flies buzzing around. Lots and lots of dragonflies here. Only a few feet from a paved back road, but very little traffic.

I must stop at a Dollar General since they enabled me to make this journey.

The ride was very stressful for Kali Cat. She had accidents, liquid and solid. No barfing tho. She really smelled bad by the time we got here. She stopped crying after about two hours. I’m hoping she has accepted the fact that she is going to have to ride. She cleaned herself up, and spent the afternoon in the shower. About midnight she decided it was time to snuggle. I got lots and lots of purrs. I am not leaving her. This morning I have decided to let her out where it is nice and quiet to see what she would do. So far, she has explored, then come back for a bite and a drink, the went back out. She is on her third trip out. So far, so good. 

I also need to find my travel mug. Wanted it yesterday and ended up using my sippy cup because it wasn’t right at hand. Need to work on the clutter and down size some more.

I took a shower in Dan’s bathroom this morning. I didn’t want to get out. The water felt so good. But I will get to have another tomorrow.

My back is still an issue. I lost some progress yesterday with the drive. The next couple of drives are shorter distances, so hopefully I will start making progress again. 

I’m also very tired. Running on a sleep deficit. Hope to catch up soon. 

Cell service is horrible here. I am afraid to try and activate my Straight Talk mobile wifi with such crappy service. Using Dan’s computer for now. Better than nothing. Going to try to get rid of his IE virus. I already installed Chrome and it is working fine. Now I am going to uninstall IE and reinstall it, see if that fixes the problem.

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