Sunday, August 10, 2014

I have had my last yard sale.

I think I have about yard sailed out the neighborhood. Yesterday was a $25 day. :( But I think the washer and dryer might go today. I started telling everyone about it and told them to tell their friends, and I think that got a buyer. Hopefully. I am down to just a few days to get this place empty. I left a bunch of stuff out front with a free sign on it, and if it isn't gone by late tomorrow, it is going in the final trash pickup on Tuesday morning.

I am taking today off. I'm tired, stressed and the last week has been crazy. Back to it tomorrow. I need to get anything that is going in the trash out by tomorrow night. I have a little bit more in the kitchen that needs to be absorbed in Ody, but not a whole lot left.

My stomach does a little jig every time I think about the actual driving. I'm glad my first leg is short jaunts. The Maine to Texas thing scares the living crap out of me, but I know I will be fine once I get there. It is definitely going to be a learning experience.

Had breakfast with Iola and John at the hotel yesterday. That was different, but it was good. Then they took the rest of the perennials they wanted and the tower. So I no longer have a fence along the back of the property since I was using half the tower as the fence. It is getting pretty nekkid here. TJ is coming back on Tuesday to take the cinderblocks from the little garden, he took the chimney brick the other day, and Buba is taking the trash cans after they are emptied the last time. This week I need to start making phone calls. Cancelling services, but will wait until the last minute.

Fleas! The house has fleas. :( That explains why Kali Cat won't come in any more. Too late to bomb, although I might anyway just because I am still using the computer in here and am in and out on a regular basis. I need to vacuum. Lots of gravel tracked in. that might take care of some. I killed a tiny one on the bathroom floor. Granted, that was the only one I saw, but where there is one....maybe I will do that tonight after I close up for the night. Vacuum tomorrow. She is still scratching a little, but I think they are all off her now. I haven't seen any in Ody and I have been looking. She will get another flea treatment in a week or so. She has never had them before, and I'm pretty sure it is because she is old and her resistance is down. Emma has had them, but she wasn't healthy either. It is a sure sign that they are either old or sick.

I have to hit the grocery store a couple of times this week. I am going to get stuff like peanut butter, dried fruit, etc. Stuff that I can use, but don't have to use immediately. I'm not going to keep a lot of stuff in the freezer because that is going to be on and off so many times. I really don't want to have to throw stuff out if it is off for too long. I would like to phase out of using the fridge completely if I can. As long as I can make ice, I can keep the freezer cool enough, and I would like to make one of those coolers that uses clay pots. Plus I have my 12v cooler which could stay running all the time off the house battery. They haven't invented a solar fridge yet. Nothing affordable anyway. Hmmm...a project. :)

I sold the five extra storage bins that I emptied the other day. Thought about trying to keep them, but the goal is to lighten up, not store out they went. I did keep the smaller ones tho.

I haven't managed to spend any time with the bike or the kayak. :( But I do need to make sure I can use the bike before I load it up. No sense in doing that if I can't even ride it. It is heavy, and has to go way up. I may have to rig up a pulley system if I can't lift it. It is pretty heavy.

So, where will I be this time next week? Still here or in Maine somewhere? Will I have the first leg under my belt and will it be trauma free? Who knows! With no set closing date, I can't make plans. That really sucks for a planner like me. A whole new way of life. Jake would be proud. 

I get to meet the people that bought Jake's house this week. They came up from PA yesterday. We have been emailing since they bought the place, and I couldn't have bought Ody without them. They looked at her and made the deal for me. I am looking forward to finally meeting Dave and Lisa in person. I'm glad we have this little over lap between them arriving and me leaving.

I haven't walked in a couple of weeks. But I have been getting my exercise, lifting and hauling and running between Ody and the building. But now that the move is winding down, I need to get back out there on a daily basis.

I bought myself a souvenir t shirt last week. I saw my lawyer wearing this, and had to have it. :)

I think I may have gotten the last one. I haven't worn it yet.

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