Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Countdown to freedom. Monday....

Got a huge pile of trash out there this morning. My garbage guy isn't going to be happy, and it is going to cost me extra. Oh well. Most everything is gone. Getting down to pretty much nothing. I even sold the computer chair out from under my butt. Literally. 

Jenn brought me some flowers from her garden when she came to get the shed. So pretty! 

It looks funny there without the shed. She also took the green shelving and most of the pots and flats that I had.

She loaded the thing on her trailer all by herself! She said she made it home safe and sound. It was only a couple of miles, but those miles can be very long on a dirt road.

I have always wanted a pair of pink flamingos. I found these on facebook. They are made out of PVC and will travel well. They came yesterday.

I finally met Lisa and Dave, the people that bought the house. I had lunch with Lisa at the Yellow Deli, and then she came over after she finished work (was using their wifi) and we did the walk along the lake and visited for a while. Dave came down and picked her up and we got to chat. Kali Cat just loved Dave! She was rubbing up against him and rolling over for him. I have never seen her do that. His voice is similar to Jake's, so maybe that was it. Plus, he talked to her, which is one of her favorite things. She loves to be talked to.

Jamie came and loaded up all the fencing yesterday, and most of the stuff I put out front for free is gone. Only a few things had to go in the trash. Craig had a gas guy come and uninstall both of my heaters and I guess they have already been installed somewhere else. The kids on the corner took the pool and all it's accessories. :)

I met with Dan the lawyer yesterday. I am signing papers tomorrow, and should have the money wired into my account by Friday afternoon. So, it is looking like I will be leaving some time this weekend. But I won't leave until the money is actually in the account. If it does go in on Friday, I will leave Saturday or Sunday, assuming I receive all of my packages by then. If not, I will leave at the beginning of next week. Mt Vernon is my first stop. Then Wintrhop and then Belfast. After that, it is the Portland/Falmouth area. Still need a place to park there tho.

I don't have a lot on the agenda for today. Cleaning out the car is one. I need to do that while we still have good weather. I really don't want to do that in the rain. Napping is another. It was a short night.

Since I am not going back on meds for now, I am not checking my glucose every day. Going to continue to do it, but just a couple of times a week. That way I can have a feel for what is going on, and it will also keep the cost down on the test strips - they will last much longer.

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