Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another Day

Was a nice quiet day yesterday. Linda and I sat and chatted and caught up most of the day. It was relaxing. The only thing that made me nervous was thinking about heading out this afternoon. So I decided to stay another night and head out early tomorrow morning. Linda is going to lead me around the road construction to 95. After that, I should be good. Pretty much a straight shot to Belfast from here.

Kali Cat is out with minimal supervision. She is hanging around Ody and not wandering too far. I hope this is a trend. I do try to know where she is most of the time, and if I am going to be away from the rig, I make sure she is inside with the door closed. Ellen says that I won’t be able to let her out there because of the dogs and the main road, but you can’t get much more traffic than there is here, and the dogs can’t be out all the time. We will work around it.

A nice salad for lunch, with feta and rotisserie chicken and pork tenderloin for dinner. I’m eating well here. :) Today is garbage day so I will be getting rid of some garbage, and am planning on doing a load of laundry. I have gone thru a lot of clothes with the heat we have been having. Plus, my clothing options are extremely limited. I am going to have to dig to find something to wear today. That closet is a nightmare. Can’t find much of anything in there. I need to do a little rearranging. I must have more things I can wear. Somewhere. I also need to clean the litter box, but since she can go out here, she isn’t using it much thankfully. I spotted her taking a dump in the middle of Linda's nicely groomed front yard this morning. (Sorry Linda!)

My back seems to be improving. I think I might have gotten the nerve released yesterday morning. It is still sore, but not like it was. Plus, Linda gave me some prescription pain cream that seems to work wonders. I will use that again today. I can actually get up and down from the chair now. At least a little faster than I was. Another reason to wait another day before driving. Hoping for a little more healing. I sat on the couch yesterday morning while I was working on Linda’s computer and made sure I did some stretching. At one point when I got up, I felt a small pop and things seemed to have improved since then. First thing this morning I was quite sore, but that seems to be mostly what it is now, soreness instead of pain. Maybe I can start getting some exercise again. 

My head has gotten a little clearer each day that goes by. I seem to have adjusted mostly to the thicker air. Of course yesterday was beautiful for sitting in the shade and catching up. It never got uncomfortably hot or humid. Although today is supposed to be warmer and more humid again. And I am still tired, but that seems to be my natural state these days.

This dragonfly came and landed on my computer yesterday while I was doing the map for Winthrop to Belfast. I thought it was appropriate. :)

I still don’t have a place to park in the Portland area. If I don’t find something, I won’t be able to stay very long. Unless I can find a cheap campground. But that will make it further away than I wanted from Portland and Falmouth. Without a car, I won’t be able to get around. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

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