Thursday, August 28, 2014

Belfast or bust...

Well I’m off to Belfast today. The plan is to head out about 9, after the morning commute and the school buses. Linda and I went out for a drive later in the day and she actually drove me thru the route that will allow me to avoid the construction on Western Ave. I have an hour or so drive in front of me today, and I have changed the ink cartridges in the printer and printed out the directions.

It was a quiet day again yesterday. Got a load of laundry done too. I thought my back was getting better, but it really isn’t. I need some sort of handle over the bed to help me get up in the morning, that is when it is the worst and I think I re injure it every time I get up. I’m going to have to look at that later today. I kept the safety handle that I had by the freezer in the building, so maybe I can find a place to mount that so I can pull myself up instead of straining muscles that are trying to heal. I’m sure Jerry and I can come up with some sort of solution. I have some ideas already.

I think I need to walk too. After walking around at Hannaford yesterday, I actually felt a little better for a while. I am also going back to the Icy Hot instead of the stuff Linda gave me. See if that makes a difference. The stuff she gave me worked great the first time, but after that, not so much.

We stopped at the new Goodwill yesterday. I got a pair of water shoes for $8. I looked them up online while I was right there in the store to see if that was a good price, and yes, it was. I love technology. I also got a new dish drainer, I sold mine and have determined that I need one. The dishes don’t dry on the drying pad I have. Plus, a great deal on a pair of stainless steel frying pans that I can use in the convection oven or on the stove top. The handle removes to make a nice round pan for the oven. My rectangle baking pans are too big. Half price, brand new. They are quite heavy. And I grabbed a couple more t shirts as I have gone thru all my shirts in this hot weather. This will give me a little more variety too.

I did throw out my current pair of flip flops. They weren’t helping my back any because I had worn them enough they were compressed. And today, the sewing machine and computer monitor will go, so that will fulfill the one in one out rule of motor home living. Maybe at some point when I settle in for a week or two somewhere I will do some reorganizing and find a few more things to remove. My goal is to free up the smaller bunk (the craft side) and put my bed back there so I will have the table and bench in the kitchen available again. A little more room. I did discover the storage bins I have are strong enough to hold a mattress and sleep on, so I will be able to put one row under the mattress for lesser used items. Winter clothes, etc.

We scoped out the gas station on the ride yesterday. Mulligans has angled pumps. Not enough room for a newbie to maneuver. So I am going to wait until I hit Rt 3 and find a place there to gas up. I probably have enough to get me where I am going and more, but the generator won’t work below a half tank of gas. Not that I need it.

I slept ok last night. Went to sleep around 9:30, was up at midnight for a little while and then slept until almost 5 this morning. Better than the past few nights.

I may not hit Falmouth until Tuesday sometime. Holiday traffic and all. I will know when it will be time to leave Belfast. I need to get myself a US map book somewhere too.

I drove nose in to Linda’s driveway, so I will either have to turn around on their nice lawn, or will need a spotter. It is a busy road. Hopefully that will be the worst part of the drive. As long as I am going forward, I am good. :)

Well, I guess it is time for a quick shower and then break camp. Make sure there isn’t something loose and will roll around. I forgot to put my little plant in the sink the other day and I found it on the step inside with dirt everywhere when I got here. The cat food dishes ride quite nicely. My cordless hand vacuum needs to be dealt with at some point. Either get rid of it or find a place it will ride without tipping over and coming apart. I haven’t used it in ages, maybe it is time to get rid of it.


  1. It's great to read about your trip. I do hope that you can get some relief for your back problem.

  2. Thanks Lisa. I hope so too, it has been a long haul so far for my back and I am not seeing any improvement the last few days. But I am trying a new tack, exercise instead of sitting. Lets hope that works. :) This trip would be so much better if I weren't in constant pain.
    Another week for your vacation? Enjoy. I hope IP and the house were everything you were hoping it would be.