Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shower door and floor stickies

Yesterday was a day for a few accomplishments. After I got showered and dressed, I attacked the shower problems. Surprisingly, the door popped right out. Was much easier than I expected. Once I got that out, I put down the stickies on the floor. They needed 24 hours to cure once applied. I should be good to go this morning. During my search for something yesterday I found some better shower curtain rings.

I also unboxed and tried to fit the kennel in Ody, but it is way too big, so I have to send that back and have another on the way. I cleaned out the litter box and brought the litter genie out. No place to put it, but will figure it out. Some stuff has to go. And I need to make some space to finish cleaning out the kitchen and pantry.

This morning I swapped out the little bathroom night light with an LED light I had. It was a nice little light, but was putting out quite a bit of heat, which means it uses quite a bit of power. And I popped the circuit breaker making my second cup of coffee, so I fired up the generator long enough to make the coffee, then came in and reset it. The water heater must have been on. I wish there were some sort of indicator so I would know when it was on so I could avoid having to reset the breaker.

It got hot and humid again yesterday. I ran out of steam early afternoon, so I took a nap and finished up the book I was reading. At some point in the afternoon I got motivated and finally hooked up the two 12v outlets to the house battery and tested them out. Now I can use 12v and not drain the cab battery. I even have a 25ft extension so I can have power up to 25 feet away from Ody.

Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling all that great lately. I'm thinking I may have to go back on my meds. :( I will find out when I have the A1C checked this week or next. It could be the heat and humidity and all the excitement, but I have a feeling it is the diabetes. I'm feeling similar to the way I was when I was diagnosed.

Iola is coming over this morning and we are going to the Yellow Deli for breakfast. I'm already tired, didn't sleep that well last night. I slept with the door open (just the screen door) and the fan blowing. Not sure if having the door open made the difference, but I woke up several times and have been up since 4:30.

I have only one thing I would like to do today and that is try to install a cat door on the bottom of the screen door. I have a brand new one that has been packed away forever, and I think I might be able to make it fit. Then I could keep the screen door closed and KC can come and go as she pleases when I have the locking panel out.

Last night I dragged the red chair and table over to Ody and this morning I had my first cup of coffee sitting outside the door in the dark. Kinda like fake camping. :) You can barely see the little table in the lower left corner, the chair is to the left of that. As you can see, there is no light coming from the passenger door window. My blackout curtain works just fine.

Well, I need to do a quick blog post and then get myself showered and dressed. Iola is supposed to be here around 8 and I need to be ready.

Kali Cat seems to be feeling better, her nose is much cooler. And my tattoo has reached the peeling stage. Woke myself up scratching it this morning. Time to switch from ointment to lotion. :) And no infection this time! Yay.