Saturday, August 2, 2014

Another crazy day

Another busy day yesterday. More tweaks in Ody, mostly small ones. Today I am going to remove the shower door, the curtain is much better. I will find a nice shower curtain when I go shopping somewhere. In the meantime, the liner works just fine. I am also going to put down the stickies on the floor, it is pretty slippery, especially with soapy feet. Put up a couple more hooks and a soap dish over the bathroom sink. I'm getting there. 

Kali Cat's kennel came yesterday. It is bigger than I thought it was going to be. Now I need to rearrange to make room for it. I think I am going to try to set it up in the cargo area, leave it open so she will find it and think it is a safe place. I may have to sell the air conditioner, Kali Cat takes priority. She found a little hidey spot yesterday in behind some stuff while all the racket was going on next door. 

They had the storage building/rack down by 1. It is so strange not having it there. A lot more sunlight, visibility, and the music was much better last night. Although I also lost a lot of privacy. The good with the bad. And now I am looking at a bunch of junk again.

I had forgotten that Monica and I had talked about getting together and grilling. They came over last night and we grilled some chicken. I made cole slaw and barbecued beans in the crock pot, and I picked enough of my tomatoes to have with dinner too. They stayed until the band stopped playing. We had a nice little fire. Was fun. 

I'm sleeping quite well in Ody. Happy to have my memory foam back. I read an article this morning saying that you shouldn't check the clock when you wake up in the middle of the night and that you would sleep better if you didn't. I can't see the clock in the dark out there, and have slept better. Might be some truth in that. I am still only getting six hours max a night, and I get really tired during the day. No skunk last night.

Tomorrow morning Iola and I are going to have breakfast at the Yellow Deli. I wanted to do that one more time before I left. She is the only one that responded to my invitation, and I am happy that it is her.

Kali Cat seems to be feeling a little better. She was out and about last night and begging for chicken. Nose is still a little warm, but better.

Once the courtyard fence is gone, I am going to bring Ody up closer to the building to shorten my runs back and forth, and will crank out the awning and setup camp. by the end of the week, I hope to have everything else that is left indoors dealt with, a little more organized in Ody, and just relax and enjoy my last week, except for all the phone calls to insurance companies, utilities, etc. I will be able to get the hitch basket set up when I get her moved too and will be able to figure out what to load and what to get rid of. One more small yard sale next weekend. I'm glad I didn't do it yesterday with everything that was going on around here.

Last night's band was pretty low key. They were good, but didn't get the crowd jumping. Much better sound without the rack system next door. Here are some pics of the removal.

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