Saturday, August 23, 2014

First leg done.

One bar of cell signal where I am camped for the next day or two, so there won't be much from me until I get a better signal. Using Dan's computer now.

Arrived safe and sound. But had to have Dan come get me in Augusta about 8 miles away. My brain was toast and I needed to stop. I am still running a sleep deficit. A nap this afternoon helped, but am still a little hazy. I got myself lost because I printed the map to Linda's instead of Dan's, and once I realized that, it was too late to print the correct one. I could have used google maps on my phone, but I was just way too tired to function.

Kali Cat's crate is all cleaned up and her blankies washed and hanging off the awning. Not too many things bounced around, nothing broke. Not bad for a maiden voyage.

Thank you everyone for your good wishes. It still hasn't really sunk in. Feels more like a visit than a journey.

No pics until I get a better cell signal and get my mobile wifi working.

Monica came and saw me off this morning. It was really foggy for the first hour or so. No moose. Some roadkill. I think I am getting the hang of driving the rig. Went over some pretty rough road and some small roads. Road construction in Berlin was terrible. Was really glad to get past that. The roads there are always terrible.

Kali Cat had a rough time of it. She cried the first two hours, then occasionally the third, by the fourth hour she was quiet, but scratching to get out of the crate. She had had a couple of accidents and smelled pretty bad. Once I let her out of the crate when we arrived, she cleaned herself up and spent the afternoon snoozing in the shower. She was ready for her dinner by the time I went back out to feed her.

I have the network up and running so I can use the printer, the cloud drive and communicate between devices, but no internet. There isn't enough cell signal to try and activate my mobile wifi. Will try that Monday when I get to Linda's and have better service. In the meantime, I will borrow a computer. There won't be any pictures until I can get them uploaded. Sorry. I have several to post.

When Dan came to meet me in Augusta, he offered to run me up to Amato's for a sandwich. So I had an Amato's italian for lunch.

A nice little nap indoors after setting up the awning and my zero gravity chair for later. But am still a little groggy. So much has happened in the last few weeks, including my back injury, and I haven't been sleeping much. It is all catching up with me. I am glad I am staying here two nights, two at Linda's and then several in Belfast with Ellen and Jerry. Ease into it. Try to catch up on a little bit of sleep while I am at it. My back did not appreciate the long drive. 

If this seems disjointed, that is the way my brain seems to be working today. A lot of info to process, a lot of new things, and a new way of life. 

I'm being rude, so I guess I should go. I still have to reply to a couple of emails. Maybe more tomorrow.

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