Friday, August 8, 2014

Crazy, crazy, crazy!

My days lately have been crazy. Got a deadline, trying to meet it. So much going on all at once. Fences coming down, siding being pulled, prepping for the last yard sale, making Ody ready...and so much more!

Can't forget the final social engagements, breakfasts, lunch and dinner. I'm down to days now, and I want the downsizing DONE. My goal was to have it done this weekend. And before the weekend is over, I think I will meet that goal.

Today and tomorrow are my final yard sales. Hoping most of it will go today so I don't have to do it tomorrow.

Wednesday I went to put the hitch basket on Ody. I had secured a black tool box to it for extra storage, but it wouldn't fit. :( The spare tire was in the way.

Leslie and Buba were here at the time and said they had a lower, longer tool box that I could have. I offered to swap with them and they agreed. Yesterday morning I went up and got it. Wasn't a perfect fit, but with some modifications, will be just fine. I got it attached and refilled before the rains started. It rained all afternoon. Here is the new one before I cleaned it up and filled it. I still have a little bit of room for last minute stuff.

Since the afternoon turned to wet, rainy crap, I decided it was the perfect time to go get my A1C checked. I needed to do that before I left. I have been off the meds since the end of May. Have been really good about my diet, and was hoping that I wasn't going to have to go back on the meds. But with the way I have been feeling, I wasn't sure. The good news is that my A1C held it's own with no increase since my visit in May. NO MEDS! :) I am attributing my headaches and general malaise to stress. I have plenty of that.

I have my last two loads of laundry in before the washer and dryer sell. Hoping they sell this weekend. I have had plenty of inquiries, but no bites.

I moved Ody up closer to the building on Wednesday. Was a tight squeeze, but I got her in between the building and the guy wire. Hurt my back clearing out the courtyard area after the fence came down, but am much better today. I officially setup camp. Awning, rug and all.

I still have some stuff that needs to be moved, but I think that is all going today or tomorrow.

I had a shower stool that I didn't want to part with so I spray painted it red. It is now extra seating/end table. It is pretty cute and very light. 

The crazy day has started. More later.

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  1. I love your new red end table / stool. Perfect! You are so creative.