Sunday, August 31, 2014

Belfast Waterfront Walk

Good morning.
We took a long walk along the waterfront down town yesterday. It was a beautiful day for it. Sunny, slightly breezy, and very photogenic. I took lots and lots of pictures and inhaled the Maine coast scent. I had forgotten that smell.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet. I started alternating my heating pad with an ice pack, I just don’t seem to be getting any better, and the Aleve seems to have stopped working. Today I am switching to ibuprofen to see if that makes a difference, and will continue with the heat and ice. When we go out later, I want to see if I can find that new pain patch. It is called Salonpas and is supposed to be good. I have to do something, I am inches away from tears of pain and frustration. This has put a major damper on my first week, and it sucks. It has mostly moved out of my lower back and into my left butt cheek and down the back of that leg. Sciatica. I may have to have it looked at if it doesn’t start improving very soon.

I bought a couple of things in the two shops we went into. The Purple Babboon provided this cute little camping journal and the Howling Coyote provided a new little slim red wallet thing and a half price navy cotton button up sweater with funky buttons, a collar and pockets. My find for the day was one striped seagull feather. It went into the box with the dragonfly and turkey feather. I will have to figure out something to do with them.

Late in the afternoon, Jerry’s friend Aaron came and repacked both front wheel bearings for me and fixed the hubcap nut stem. We are back in business and ready to roll. It cost me $30, and that included keeping the ratchet  and socket that is big enough to remove the nuts in case I loose one and have to remove the hubcap. Was very interesting watching him work on it and what he did. I understand how it works now, and will be able to envision any issues in the future. I could do the work myself if I had the right tools.

Aaron working on the second wheel bearing.

Right now, the plan is to leave here Tuesday morning. It looks like I will be taking RT 1 straight into Falmouth. I will head for Wal Mart, find a shady place to park if I can. I will probably arrive mid to late morning. I want to buy a TV and an antenna to see if I can get some free television.  I have a whole list of things I want to look at and a few extra “camping” things I need to pick up. 

I am already finding that I need to rearrange some things, get rid of some things, and make some other things more accessible. But I will save that job for when I am in a location for more than a few days. Lighten up just a little and make moving around a little easier.

It is warm and humid here already and is supposed to be stormy off and on. Tuesday is supposed to be intermittent showers, so it shouldn’t be too bad for driving. 

Here are a couple of teaser waterfront photos. 

If you want to see more waterfront pics, there are just too many to post, you can go here…

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