Monday, September 1, 2014

Today is chore day

Good morning
Yesterday we went to a couple of stores. I bought two pair of cargo shorts, one a perfect fit, the other needs to be shortened or I need to learn to live with the longer shorts. I also got some of those pain patches which seem to take some of the edge off getting up and down. Walking is easier, it is mostly the up and down now. That is still very painful. I may end up having it looked at while I am in the Portland area. Ellen’s niece works at an urgent care clinic, and has given me the information. Lying on my back with my knees raised made it much easier to get up this morning. I take that as a good sign.

We also went to Fort Point Lighthouse for a photo op. It was still beautiful and sunny, but quite warm.

Today is laundry day, fill the fresh water tank, get ready to break camp tomorrow morning. I have printed out my map for tomorrow, both map services wanted to send me back to Augusta the way I came, but I want to take RT 1 and not back track. Yes, probably more traffic, but also much more scenic and more places to pull over for any reason. According to the map, it adds miles and takes a little longer, but that is OK. I don’t really need the map, I am getting into familiar territory, but I do need to know how to get from here to RT 1. I wish my GPS had northeast maps on it instead of southwest, it won’t hold more than one territory. I don’t have the internet available to switch it over again, plus, it took way too long to do it the first time.

It rained pretty much all night and is still drippy and humid this morning. According to the weather report, it will be like this all day, but warmer.

After tonight I will be dry camping indefinitely. That means no electricity, water or sewer. We will be self contained until we hit our first stop in Texas unless I decide to hit a campground on the way. I’m planning on taking each day as it comes and driving no more than four to six hours a day. My back will determine a lot of that. Thinking of heading out from the Portland area Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Depends on the social schedule. 

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