Friday, September 26, 2014

Magnolia Beach, TX

Made it to Magnolia Beach. Got waylaid at Port Lavaca by a thunderstorm while I was in Wal Mart. Had to wait that out. Didn’t get here until 4ish. Left Elgin at 10:15. Forgot to gas up, so I won’t be able to use my generator a whole lot, but have enough gas to get by until I hit the road again.  Have enough food for several days. Had rotisserie chicken and cole slaw for dinner. I forgot charcoal and lighter fluid, but I have other ways to cook. 

Kali Cat did well today. No barfing and no stinky poops. Of course, it is also much cooler than it was this time last week.

I haven’t been out of the rig other than to chat with the guy on the golf cart and his two dogs, it is really too windy. I guess the wind is unusual according to Charlie (golf cart guy).

Only one other RV here with me right now.  And I am literally parked on the beach. I think I will sleep well tonight. 


The wind has finally died down a little. Still have a steady breeze tho. It is in the 70’s with a fair amount of humidity. 

I watched a couple of hours of TV last night with it plugged into my little solar generator. Barely touched the battery. I also charged my phone and am currently charging my laptop. The laptop is what sucks up the juice. I will hook up the solar panel as soon as it gets light and try to get it full by the end of the day on free solar energy. If that doesn’t top it off, I will fire up the generator later and finish it up. Was so very nice to be able to watch TV without the noise and smell of the gas generator. Should have bought this sooner. After charging the laptop, it is down to 20%. We’ll see how good the solar panel is today.

Kali Cat is very lovey this morning. Has come up and snuggled and purred and just generally seems happy this morning. You should have seen the big eyes and the nose twitching after we parked and I opened up the windows yesterday. She was up on the bed peering out the window. She has never been to the ocean before. We are going to go out and explore a little this morning. She has been laying by the door just waiting to go out.

My first cup of coffee this morning was instant. Heated the water on the stove because when I got up, it was way too early to fire up the generator. I had someone pull in and park just in front of me last night, and it would have been rude of me to start the generator at 4AM. Otherwise, I would have just fired it up and used my keurig.

The wind died down during the night. Now there is just a steady breeze. Last night it was actually rocking Ody. Went to sleep to the sound of the whistling wind and the surf, woke to the sound of surf.

I am parked by the last picnic table enclosure on the beach. Will be using that instead of my awning. The enclosure has a roof, picnic table, grill and trash can. Too windy to put the awning out. Supposedly there is a bath house here too. Will be checking that out this morning. This is the first time I have wished that I had my scooter already. This would be an awesome place to try it out. I could break out the bike I suppose, but then I would have to fight to get it back up on the rack. 

The water here is a completely different color than the ocean in Maine. It is a greenish brown. The wind doesn’t smell the same either.  There is an oil derrick on the horizon, and they tell me barges go thru on a regular basis. The night time skyline is pretty kool, got a few pis at sunset last night. And am anxious to get out with my camera this morning. But there isn’t any rush, am planning on staying here for a while. I wasn’t sure until I got here tho.

Well, it is starting to get light out. Time to get dressed and out with the camera.

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