Friday, September 12, 2014

Day Six (or seven?)

Some time yesterday I crossed a time line. Having trouble adjusting to it being an hour earlier than I am used to. I think I am going to shoot for an 8 AM departure so I can get thru Memphis at a non rush hour. I didn’t plan very well yesterday. Definitely a learning experience.

The driving is finally winding down. About 270 miles today, which will leave me with about 230 tomorrow and I will finally arrive in Hallsville. A day earlier than my second calculation and two days later than my first.  I was planning on spending tonight at the Cracker Barrel in North Little Rock, but it might be better if I got past Little Rock before I stop for the day. But I am already looking at a 5 hour drive, so I might not even make it that far. We will see. It will already be a later arrival than I have been doing. I can only drive so long and I have to stop.

I slept very well here last night. The campground itself only had a few rigs, and other than the highway noise, was very quiet. I got to sleep with the door and windows open, and with the fan going, didn’t hear the highway or the noisy night critters. The campground and hookups have been a real treat. 

There is free wifi here, but it doesn't stay connected, and it is very slow. I gave up and am using my own mobile wifi. They also have cable here, but I didn't feel like digging for coax cables, if I even kept them when I got rid of the ancient TV. I won't be doing a lot of campground camping, so it wasn't worth the effort. I did use the very clean laundry facilities. I think I spent about $3 to do a load, washed and dried. Nice little store, but nothing I needed right now. And a very nice pool, but I still don't have a suit. I read for a little while and crashed early. Not sure what time it was, my clocks are all different now. Need to fix that.

Kali Cat got to go out for a while, she doesn’t wander far which I am grateful for. It felt good to be able to sit outside the rig finally. And to be able to make a real cup of coffee without worrying about popping something. 

It is cool this morning. I have on my long polar fleece bathrobe. But also very humid. Looking forward to a little bit drier air. I have been in humidity for several days now. Although this is the coolest morning so far. 

Time to get myself showered and break camp. 

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