Friday, September 19, 2014

99% humidity, more fire ants

Well, it has been hot and humid, 100% humidity. Ugh! Everything is damp and disgusting. It has been raining off and on for days now. Pouring now and has been for a while. I don’t know how long it is going to last. I have already had a run in with fire ants. Only got a couple of bites while I was hooking up the power, could have been much, much worse.

My campsite here in Elgin.

It has been interesting meeting a friend in person that I haven’t seen since 1977, and that was a brief visit. Maryellen and I were best friends in grade school and part of Jr High. She isn’t what I remembered or expected. It will be interesting getting to know her again. 

My replacement jumper arrived yesterday. My fans and TV mount should be here today, and hopefully my solar generator too. I’m looking forward to playing with that. Take the stress off the house battery when I don’t have shore power. I will also be happy to have the TV mounted somewhere I won’t have to move it constantly. Currently it rides face down on the bed.

Right now I don’t have their wifi out here in Ody. Between the metal car port and the fact that the router is on the exact opposite end of the house, I can get a bar or two, but can’t connect. Cypher tried to set up a repeater last night, but it didn’t work. I have one here I will try to setup later. Will give me something to do while I am stuck indoors.  

I know it is too soon to start making judgements. It will be interesting to see which way my emotions go tho. I am not much of a traveler, never have been, so it is all brand new to me. I certainly haven’t found what I am looking for yet either. For me, this trip isn’t about seeing the country and the sights, but more of a quest to find a place that feels like home. I lost that when I lost Jake. I want it back, although I may not find it.

We made a quick trip to town yesterday. Very different than down town IP, but about the same size (ish), maybe a little bigger. They have an indoor farmers market kind of store that we stopped at, and I finally made it into a Dollar General. I was not impressed with this particular one, it was kind of dumpy. Hoping the IP one is much nicer. But we were in a hurry, so I didn’t get to look around much. Lots of stuff, decent prices. I didn’t buy anything. I’m surprised that the planned opening of the IP store is December. I thought it would be much sooner than that. Hopefully they will get some of the local xmas shopping crowd. Doesn’t give them much time, but the last minute shoppers will love it.

Dollar General, Elgin TX

Downtown Elgin

The next door neighbors here have a bunch of critters. Horses, dogs, chickens. The dogs must be in at night as I haven’t heard any barking, but the roosters have been crowing all night. Dumb birds. :) Far enough away that with the fans going, I didn’t hear them much.

Saturday there is a Celtic fair somewhere. Maryellen and Cypher are working it, and I will go along for the ride, bring my camera and do something fun and touristy. Hopefully the weather will have improved by then. Should have my new vornado fan by then so I can leave that going for KC. 

Guess that is just about all the news I have. I will be posting some pics on the blog along with a good part of this email so I won’t have to write it all over again. :) Maybe with some embellishments. 

The door is open and KC is out. She won’t be out too long, everything is sopping wet. And hopefully the ants aren’t up and about yet. 

I’m looking forward to my shower this morning, even if the results lasts only about five minutes. I just feel so completely grubby and sticky with the humidity.

OK, I guess I am going to have to move the rig. I took two steps outside the rig to look for Kali Cat and already stepped in some fire ants. This isn't working for me. More rain in the forecast, so the powder is pretty much ineffective, and the cinnamon just washed away too.  Kali Cat may have had a run in with them too, she cried pitifully before she came in. Poor baby. Didn't' find any on her tho. Grrr.... I am now afraid to step outside my door. :( But in order to move the rig, I have to take down the awning and unhook the power. So I guess I have to at some point. Wish me luck.

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