Saturday, September 27, 2014

More rain.

I was thinking about getting out the bike and going exploring today, but it is raining yet again. Has rained every day, at least once, sometimes a lot more, since I hit Tennessee. Texas is hot and humid, at least for now. I have been spending a lot of time inside as it is too windy to put out the awning, and with the rain, where else will I sit? I may get out my umbrella I bought in Maine later and see if that will allow me to be outside. Tomorrow there is less chance of rain. This is a perfect place to ride as everything is extremely flat.

I haven’t been in the water yet. Haven’t seen anyone else in it either. It doesn’t look very inviting. But I do need to at least wade and try to get my fire ant bites healed up. I still have those. Thankfully, there are very few creepy crawlies here, and the worst I have had to deal with so far is monster mosquitos. We thought ours were big, I got out the fly swatter.

Yesterday I cut up the new blanket I bought at WM and made a sleeve for the cushions under the window on the bed, stitched up a pillow cover and there was enough material left over to make a lap blanket. Most nights, I don’t even use a blanket. The one I bought matches one I already had and was on clearance. So I have pulled the quilt off because the seams were ripping out with the daily use. Bonus is the polar fleece doesn’t hang on to the humidity like the cotton does, so it is dry when I sit on it. It is warmer tho. I didn’t see anything there I liked, so this was a good compromise. Was missing my sewing machine, had to do it all by hand.

This morning I pulled the printer out of it’s cubby and put a second UPS in behind it. Now all my electronics are on a surge suppressor, and the second UPS will help keep the printer in place. I also got the in house modem hung and plugged in, so I can network off line now. Relocated the wifi modem so I don’t have to pull on the cord to plug it into the solar gen. And now I don’t have to put the yeti on the bed to charge the wifi. TV works pretty good. Last night it was kind of rough, but it was also raining and windy.

There hasn’t been enough sun since I got my solar generator to charge it up. I ran the generator last night and am running it now to get it charged up for tonight. I can watch a couple hours of TV, run the wifi modem, charge my phone, and if I charge the laptop, it just about empties it. I didn’t gas up before I hit the beach, so I am trying not to use the generator much. It won’t run if the gas tank is below a quarter tank, and I can get just about 100 miles out of a quarter tank. So it isn’t a crisis, just something to be aware of.

Sunrise over a big class A that came in last night.

Kali Cat scoping things out as I take the above picture.

I also need to take a shower, but since there are people around, I have already put on clothes. I might as well wait until tomorrow morning now. It is already much busier around here this morning in spite of the rain. People fish off the shore. I guess it drops off pretty fast (another reason not to go in the water…sea creepie crawlies). One guy had a stingray on his line yesterday… from shore!

Well, time to get some breakfast. Hopefully I can shut the generator down soon. Only 20% more to go on the yeti. Want it fully charged so I don’t have to fire up the house generator again today. Now that I have that, I am going to put my jumper back in it’s cubby where it is hard to get to. I will only use that now for it’s intended purpose. I might even try to turn the passenger seat around so that I can have some place other than the bed to sit. That gets old.

Kali Cat is well. I have the door open, but she doesn’t go out much. Just to pee I think and comes right back in. The seagulls scare her.

The mosquitos are fierce this morning.

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