Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spiders and cowboy boots

Yesterday wasn’t quite as hot - most of the day, and the humidity must be down by a few percent, or I am starting to get used to it. Every time I moved, I sweat. I feel sticky and ucky all the time and feel like I need a shower several times a day. It did hit 90, and was 90 in Ody, so I put on the AC for KC. Got it down to about 85, but it was also less humid so it didn’t feel so bad. Still have the fans going too, moving the air around and drying it out some.

Today we are going to the Celtic Fair, so I will leave the AC going for her (and me when I get back). We will be gone several hours during the warmest part of the day, so I need to make sure she doesn’t over heat. We went to sleep with the AC going last night, but I turned it off some time in the wee hours because it was cooler outside than inside.  There was also a skunk in the neighborhood last night. Hopefully they still have five ducks. Something has decimated their flock.

Got the water hooked up yesterday. Yay. I can shower this morning. I had Maryellen go do the dangerous part and turn the water on. I managed to get it hooked up on Ody without any more ant incidents. Nasty bites, going to take a while to heal. Hopefully, I won’t be running into those on a regular basis. No more sandals in the grass…in fact, no more walking in the grass. Period.

Maryellen and I sat a good part of the day yesterday and just gabbed, reminisced, and caught up on 35 years of life in general. Glad we got that time. Was fun.

Later in the day we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner and hit a couple of consignment shops. I got myself a pair of authentic Texas cowboy boots. I have been wanting a pair for a long time, was hesitant to order them online without being able to try them on. These felt good. I will need to get some sort of cushion/liner for the bottoms since I don’t wear socks. I picked up a few things at the grocery and took some pics of some stuff I hadn’t seen before. Got some dehydrated fruit - hot pepper mango, and a couple others for later. 

This is how brown sugar is sold here, you grate it.

Just thought these were funny.

My new to me boots. They will never be this shiny again.

I have been checking my blood sugar every few days. It is a bit higher than it should be, but better than last week (fewer carbs), and seems to be holding. I do need to make an effort to get it back to where it was when I was cooking for myself. More fruit and veggies.

Other than waking up a couple more times in the night, I seem to be sleeping fairly well in spite of the heat and humidity. I did get out the sarongs yesterday and put up a sun block. I also put out my solar dragonfly lights, but they didn’t come on last night. :( The last time I used them was in the driveway in IP. I wonder if I killed that battery too. Was disappointed when they didn’t light up. Will give them one more night, then will try changing the battery. Maybe the battery cooked in the sun...

Maryellen bought a hummer feeder the other day when a female ruby throated hummer checked out the red knobs on my canopy posts. She was here this morning eating from it. She is pretty nervous and didn’t light, but she will be back and already has been several times.

Cypher grilled some steaks last night and we sauteed up some peppers, mushrooms and onion to go with. I contributed the mushrooms and peppers. Needed to use them up as they were starting to get old. I also gave them some of the apples I bought while I was in Belfast. Maine apples in Texas. On one of my trips out of the house, I spotted this gigantic spider on the eave of the garage. This garden spider is at least four inches from tip to toe including the legs. Wow! Everything is bigger in Texas! I don’t like spiders, and have changed my route too and from the house. Maryellen even put down a board for me to walk on so I didn’t have to walk thru the grass. I have a thing about that now since my fire ant experiences. 

I took some better pics with my telephoto lens from far, far away, but haven't uploaded them yet.

Kali Cat has been getting extra yummies. I have been saving her some pieces from my meals. Chicken, steak, etc. She isn’t eating much for dry food and is getting by on canned food. I worry that she isn’t getting enough to eat. The treats are supplements and she loves them. We had some good cuddling during the night, and got some purrs out of her. Plus her nose feels cooler this morning - a good sign. I worry about her so much. This is really hard on her. I haven’t let her out again. Am afraid to.  She hasn’t shown a lot of interest in going out either. Guess she had enough the other morning. I’m thinking she might have had a run in with some fire ants. But I checked her and didn’t see any on her. I  am hoping to find a spot big enough and safe enough for her to get out and explore. She loves that. I don’t want an unhappy kitty. 

I can still smell the ant killer I put down before I put the rug down, but haven’t had any near the rug or door. I guess I can live with the smell if it keeps the little bastards away. I did have to put some ant traps in Ody because I spotted some of the little red ants. What is it with Texas and ants?

Not sure where I am heading next, thinking about the TX coast before I head to NM. Need to gather some more info first.

The water tower from afar.

Agave in front of the grocery store.

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