Monday, September 29, 2014

Fewer skeets

I moved Ody yesterday. It is much, much better. A constant breeze to keep the skeets away, a great view out my door, and the way I am sitting, actually more privacy. Although it is very damp and I am having trouble typing as my fingers are sticky.

I walked down to the bath house and did a small hand wash and hung most of it outside when I got back. Then it rained. Not just rain, but a deluge and of course I had the door and windows open, so it took me about an hour to clean all that up after it finally stopped. Saw bits of blue sky after that, but really no sunshine. 

Kali Cat did a little exploring. I think she got confused at one point. She was over where we were parked before and Vance’s rig is still there. I had to call to her, and she kept looking at his rig. I’m wondering if her eyesight is going. She did come and hasn’t wandered that far since. She was funny to watch when she checked out the water. I should have had the video going the first time, but only got stills. The video was running the second time. The video and yesterday's pics are in the previous post.

I finally got my feet in the water too. Hoping the salt water will help heal up the ant bites that I still have from last week.

I took a quickie shower yesterday and have enough water for another at least. Washed my hair. I guess it is about time to cut it, it is getting too hard to handle, especially in all this dampness. I’ll take about six inches off it, and it will be easier to wash and rinse.

Today, I am going to hang out, soak up some sun, and just be. I need to figure out where I am heading next at some point. Although, I can hang out here a few more days. I have not taken the bike down, but may at some point.

The sun is up this morning. Got to watch it rise over the water. Took some pictures. 

Time to fire up the generator and get things charged up. I have used up most of my 7 gig and will have to buy another round in the next day or so. :( Gotta find a less expensive internet alternative. This is way too expensive for the amount of time I spend online and uploading pictures eats it up like candy.

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