Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day Three - Troutville VA

The battery has held up and I have used the generator twice yesterday and once this morning. I even got a quickie shower. Boy, did that feel good! Got my hair washed, but didn't bother with the conditioner, used the leave in kind instead. Have to be very careful with the water. I won't be able to shower tomorrow, but I did buy some baby wipes at Walmart yesterday, so that will have to do.

During my down time yesterday, I boiled up some eggs, the old fashioned way in a pot on the stove. When they were done, I cooked up the burger I bought so I would have it for my salads.

I bought dinner at the Carlilse Cracker Barrel last night. Before that, I wandered around their store. That is an amazing store! My guess is the store here in Troutville is the same, if not very similar. There are a couple of things I want to take another look at. The only thing I bought was a $5 rubber band loom. I had seen them online and wanted to try them. I tried the meatloaf for dinner, but it was so so. I'm picky about my meatloaf and pretty much only like mine. Tonight I think I will try the catfish.

Tomorrow I am shooting for Knoxville TN. According to the paper map, I am more than half way, but google maps says I am not. After taking another look, I should be about half way tomorrow when I get done driving. I didn't get my miles in yesterday because of my eyes, and I needed to get the battery taken care of. My eyes are still giving me trouble, they are the worst the first hour or so when I start driving in the morning and seem to improve as I go. This morning, it was still dark when I left at 6:30, and we went thru patches of rain too.

So, if I manage to do my 250(ish) miles a day, I still have five days in front of me. Which will put me in Hallsville on Sunday if all goes well.

I have a place to park, free wifi, and a place to go window shopping and get my dinner.

Treat time for KC. She seems to be off her dry food, but still inhales her canned food and treats. She has adjusted to riding very well. Wants to go out tho.

The first rest area in VA this morning.

My spot last night.

Last night's dinner from the Cracker Barrel.

Some of the amazing displays in their store. So much to look at!

The candles in this "painting" actually flicker. 

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