Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My first Wal Mart camping experience

First off, I need an inverter that will run my coffee maker. I was up way to early to run the generator and once I am up, I need my coffee. I used a 12v hot pot and it took forever to get moderately warm (couldn't wait any longer) and had instant. Uck. I may try the coffee maker and the inverter I have on the next cup, but didn't feel like testing it on my first cup. Couldn't have dealt with it if it didn't work.

I made it here safe and sound yesterday. Route 1 the whole way. My leg was painful and I couldn't get comfortable. I ended up rolling up a bath mat and putting it under my leg. It helped.

It was very foggy about half way, then finally cleared up. Kali Cat didn't have any accidents, but wasn't happy about being crated. When I move to St Mary's this morning, I will try it with her loose, it is less than a mile from here.

My first night in a Wal Mart parking lot. I wasn't very happy about leaving Ody and Kali Cat to go to Susan's but I did, and everything was fine. I did sleep, woke up about a dozen times, road construction, the big rig next to me running off and on all night, traffic...very noisy.

It felt like a long drive. Lots of traffic, road construction, and the fact that I couldn't get comfortable. I was tired, hot and cranky when I got here. I walked over to Wendy's to get a burger, and by the time I got back, Susan was here to pick me up. Spent the afternoon close to the water where it was overcast and much, much cooler. Felt good. Poor Kali Cat had to wait here for me. I kept the ceiling fan running for her so it didn't get too warm. But she wants to go out. That isn't going to happen until we move over to the church where she will have some room to roam.

The store opens at 7AM and I want to get in some shopping before I move. I want to get a small TV and antenna, check out the inverters, and I have a whole list of other things, including a highlighter so I can start marking my travels in my map book. I will probably be moving during rush hour, but I want to get there early enough for KC to be able to get out for a little while.

I did take photos, but haven't transferred them from my phone yet. I will post them when I do.

Today I will be picking off more things on Susan's to do list, and hopefully will be having lunch with Marie, an old work friend. Tomorrow dinner with Bart and Dawn?

39 Alder Update:
The building is gone. Was down and half in the dumpster by 8:30 yesterday morning. Here are the pics that Jenn took for me.

I really can't go back now.


  1. Hope things are going well!!! I'm sure you have all kinds of emotions running rampant, but rest assured; they will ease and calm as time goes on. I'm away camping until the 9th. If you are still in the Portland area then, i'd love to see you and wish you well :) Blessings and safe journeys, my friend!!!

  2. We were in town yesterday, and I saw that your house was gone. Quite shocking actually. Happened so fast. I have a solution to your coffee problem. Get some caffeine pills. NoDoze or Vivarin, or preferably the generic brand. They are found next to the Tylenol/Excedrin or next to the Sominex.

  3. Darrel, I will be long gone by then. So sorry to have missed you. But I will still be available for the wee hour chats. :)

    1. Sorry to miss you too... I'll be looking for those chats!!!

  4. Lisa, that is a good idea, but duh, all I had to do was use the stove... :) There is a learning curve going on here. :)
    I'm sure that corner looks a lot different. :) I really wish I could have been there to see the building come down.