Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My first 3D Movie

Not much today. Sandra and I went to see Guardians of the Universe in 3D yesterday. My first 3D movie ever and the first time I have been inside a theatre in years! It was a very big place. Was a good movie and I am looking forward to seeing it again on a smaller screen. I had trouble seeing everything.

On the way back we picked Daisy up from the vets where she was bathed and trimmed, and then went and got some Texas Barbecue. It was dollar sloppy joe night at the local joint, and they were good. I couldn’t eat all of mine tho, I have one in the fridge. May have it for breakfast. :)

Yesterday was HOT. Not as hot as it is here in the summer, but warmer than I am used to. It is still very warm here this morning and today is supposed to be hot too. I didn’t let KC out yesterday, tried to keep it as cool as possible in there for her, but it hit 90, and wasn’t any cooler outside. She is just laying around trying to stay cool. She spent the night in the shower which was a little cooler than under the seat. I have two fans going in there for her. I hope we didn’t hit the south too soon. In order to run the AC, I would have to disconnect the shore power and fire up the generator. This is why I bought the portable AC, and I wish that I could have found room for it. I’m going to see if I can find an even smaller one, but I don’t think they make them much smaller. Just looked on Amazon and EBay, no, there isn’t such a thing as a mini air conditioner. :(  If it doesn’t get any cooler today, I will have to disconnect and fire up the generator and AC. I did miss our snuggles last night. 

Today I will do laundry and get ready to pull out tomorrow morning. The antenna mod should be here today, get that taken care of. Sandra did put some blackout film on the window in Ody’s door yesterday. That should help some. At least keep some of the sunshine out, and it also limits the ability to see in when the curtain isn't pulled.

I am only planning on driving a little over two hours tomorrow, and the same on Thursday. That will get me half way there and I can go to Walmart and see about a mount for the TV and look at AC’s. I probably won’t find anything I can use, but want to look anyway. That will also give Maryellen an extra day since she has been gone several days to Chicago and has just gotten home.

I had a flea on me inside Ody yesterday. :( But I can’t treat Ody until I can let KC outside. I am going to use the powder that I used on Alder St. That seemed to take care of the little bastards. Wonder if it works on scorpions too? Guess we will be finding out.

I forgot about the time difference, I am in central time now. I missed the first half hour of Dancing With The Stars. :( Will have to catch that half hour online today before tonight's results show. I got to watch it over the air on my little TV in Ody. I'm hoping I have as good, if not better reception wherever I land for any length of time. Costs too much to watch it online when I am paying per gig.

Two things I would wish for, a mini air conditioner, and unlimited mobile wifi. Something that wouldn't break the bank. In this world of technology, both should already be available. 

I got to take some nature photos yesterday morning. I have missed that. I got some really nice bird photos. Here are a couple of them.


  1. Sorry I missed you when you were in Maine! Just thought I'd post to let you know I'm reading every post you write :) Take care; I luv ya!

  2. There were a lot of people I did't get to see. So sorry. :( Thanks for following. Hopefully it isn't too boring.