Thursday, September 11, 2014

Modern conveniences

I made it to the campground. Another 250 miles, dreary weather, and showers off and on. Of course, the moment it came time for me to setup, it really started raining, so I am now wet. It is warm and humid, but not unbearably warm like I was last night. We are barely off the highway, so we can hear the traffic, but I am getting used to that sound. We crossed a timeline somewhere and it is now an hour earlier. 

I did get my shower this morning in anticipation of getting another tomorrow morning before I leave here. I’m also planning to do a load of laundry.  $40 to spend the night, dump my tanks, wifi, cable and electric and water. It is pricey for the off season, but at this point, I don’t really care. It would cost me $15 just to dump the tanks somewhere without all the other amenities. Plus there is a laundry here, a small store and a very nice pool. I still don’t have a suit, not that it is pool weather anyway.

I’m tired, and getting tired of driving. When I left Knoxville this morning, I didn’t plan very well and ended up driving thru it during rush hour, and Nashville was very similar to driving thru CT and NY. Five lanes going every which way, and at one point I had to stand on my brakes because there was an overflow on the off ramp, and that wasn’t even rush hour. I’m glad I’m thru it. The next challenge is Memphis. I will be going thru that tomorrow, and possibly Little Rock too.

Kali Cat went out briefly - very briefly as it was raining, but I have the awning out now, so maybe she will come out again. We are the only ones here, so she can safely roam. Today she traveled in the shower. And no, she hasn’t shown any interest in the new bed. I think I might need to catnip it or something.

If the rain stops, I will walk around and take some pics of my very first campground experience. Now it is time for lunch and a nap. Didn’t sleep all that well last night as it was too warm.

I have gotten my cleaning done. Cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the floors and organized a little. Feels a lot better. Also have a load of laundry all washed and in the dryer. 

Tomorrow I am headed for the Cracker Barrel North Little Rock Arkansas. Hopefully I won't hit Memphis at rush hour and should be thru there way before lunch time. And Saturday I should be in Hallsville TX. Finally. Yay.

Here are a few pics from the campground. 

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