Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Moving on today.

Spent a lot of time online looking for a small air conditioner. There is no such thing as a desk top or table top AC. Don’t need anything any bigger, and don’t have room for anything larger.  Oh well, I guess I can survive another week or two at these temps, but for a northern girl, it is pretty uncomfortable, and KC doesn’t care for it much either. It is also very humid here. Hoping to move away from some of the humidity. I would much rather be outdoors than indoors in this nice warm weather.

I haven’t let KC out the last couple of days for two reasons, I didn’t want to have to go retrieve her, and I don’t want to have to deal with fleas. She isn’t too happy about that. But we move on today, so it will be a whole new experience later.

I won’t miss the trains. Some are much louder than others and a couple of them have made my ears hurt.

My antenna mod came yesterday. Tim had to modify it to fit my antenna, and when we got it installed, I hooked it up and still got zero channels. So I switched it back to the little panel antenna and re scanned for channels. I was surprised when I got double what I got without the mod. So, I guess it does work, just not the way I thought it would. Seems to be a passive antenna mod. Nice to know. I was very disappointed when it didn’t work. Feel much better about it now. I thought I had wasted $40.

Played with my little rubber band loom for a little while before lunch yesterday. That was fun. Made two bracelets. Thinking of all the things I could make with that that aren’t bracelets…useful things. Glasses lanyards, large reinforced rubber bands, etc.

Sandra made a bucket cooler for me yesterday and I tried it out. A plastic bucket with a few holes in it, some ice and a fan. It wasn’t very effective. Added more moisture to the air and didn’t cool Ody down more than a degree or two. But it was worth a try and I appreciate the effort. I will give it another try in a less humid environment and see if it works better then. I spent quit a bit of time searching for my second little white fan to no avail. It is in there somewhere, and will only be found when I am searching for something else or cleaning house. I still need to lighten up. Would like to free up one of the bunks and have a real bedroom and get the dinette back in service. Ody would feel a lot more spacious. 

I depleted my jumper by running the 12v fan. Need to get it charged up again.

Got a load of laundry done yesterday too. So far getting my laundry done has worked out. But that is coming to an end too. Will have to start doing them by hand soon.

Today we hit the road again. Only going about half way to Elgin to keep the driving time down. Will be parking at the Walmart in Crockett. Will look for a TV mount there and a fan that moves a lot more air. My little one is nice, but it is pretty wimpy. And maybe a second battery operated fan for those times that I don’t have hookups and am not running the generator. I hope to be there by noon and maybe get in a little snooze this afternoon. It will also give me a chance to run the cab AC and maybe drop the indoor temp a little. 

Saw my first lizards last night. A couple of geckos and a green anole. Cute little buggers. :)

Still getting a bit of a nervous stomach when I think about driving again. Wondering if that will ever go away. At least it isn’t as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago. Most of what I will be driving today and tomorrow is rural, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

Monica tells me they have been running the heat there already for several days. I don’t miss that. :)

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