Monday, September 15, 2014

Texas Sunshine

A fairly quiet day yesterday. Sunny and warm. Was nice to see some sun after several days of cloudy and misty. Sandra and I put some plastic boards under the mattress where it was sagging a bit in the middle, and she also gave me a water filter that screws on to the faucet. I had trouble installing it, the threads on the faucet are plastic and it kept cross threading. So for now, I have it on the swivel. That isn’t an ideal situation, but it works. I am going to give it another go at some point and see if I can get it installed without the swivel and without cross threading. May need a little piece of teflon tape to do that. I have teflon tape but it isn’t urgent enough to unstrap the rug in the back to get it out of the tool box.

Sandra and I went out to lunch at Salsarita’s. I had the taco salad and queso and chips. Was very good. We also went to two stores, Dressing Gaudy, a really fun clothing store and Tuesday Morning looking for a mount for the TV. I got some craft stuff there and a big package of doggie poo bags. At Dressing Gaudy I got a Christmas gift for a friend and a little red crossover pocket book. Bright red of course. 

I tried hooking the TV up to the roof antenna to see if it would bring in anything, but since it is an analog antenna, got nothing. Then re hooked up the flat antenna and scanned again, this time scanning air instead of cable and actually got some channels. It helps if you are scanning the right feed.  My antenna adapter has shipped from Amazon and will be here tomorrow. I’m hoping it is exactly what I need. I will still look for a small mount for the TV, doesn’t need to be very big as the TV is quite light.

Beans for dinner last night with ham and habanero peppers. Yummy.

Kali Cat got to go out yesterday, but this time I put her in the fenced in back yard with Daisy. Daisy is cat friendly and didn’t bother her other than to check her out and try to make friends. KC didn’t want any of that. I did discover that Northeast Texas has fleas. Yup, had several on me after being out walking, and I am hoping and praying that KC’s meds are still active and she doesn’t get them or that Ody doesn’t get them. Will be more careful now that I know. I still have all my flea chemicals and may have to do a complete dusting/vaccing  and spraying at my next stop.

I spent some time online looking at properties for sale in northern NM. Didn’t find anything that grabbed my attention. I’m thinking it is going to be more of a driving around thing and watching for for sale signs. I can’t spend a lot of money, but would be nice to have a home base. I also considered Roswell. We really liked that town when we were there, and it would be totally kool to get a job at the UFO museum. That would be fun. Plus, I have good memories of being there with Jake.

Today I want to walk to the post office around the corner and mail out a package…maybe two, and then we are supposed to go to a movie. Guardians of the Universe in 3D. I have never been to a 3D movie and haven’t been in a movie theatre in years and years. Tomorrow will be prepping for moving on. Laundry, antenna, etc. It has been great to stop for a couple of days and Sandra and Tim have been wonderful hosts, but I am feeling the urge to move on to the next stop. Not sure how long I will stay in Elgin, after that I have no particular destination in mind. Might try to meet up with some other RV’ers. Or head towards Albuquerque to see the balloons which is the beginning of October. Who knows…it is wide open.

A couple of pics out and about yesterday.

Kali Cat exploring

My solar dragonfly lights. I keep one on each side of my step.

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