Sunday, September 7, 2014

Helluva long day

This morning when I started out was so long ago, it feels like yesterday.

369 miles of highway driving. CT drivers are crazy and don't understand the concept of yielding. Had people passing on the right and the left, and I have a huge blind spot on both sides.

Google maps sent me down route 15. It was cars only, and nothing over 8 ft. Ody is 9.4 ft. By the time I saw the sign, it was too late. I continued, ducked under a few low overpasses, but when I had to go through a tunnel, wasn't sure we'd fit, I got myself off that highway. Proceeded to get lost, and made a new route.

I drove a lot further/longer than I had planned, until almost 7, when I spotted a sign for a Pilot station. Finally a place to stop for the night.

Met some nice people at one of the rest stops when I asked about overnight parking. They gave me the Cracker Barrel  map.

Kali Cat did well, the battery didn't. Battery is dead again. So I have no computer or anything.

Kali Cat rode all day uncrated and never said a word. She got up in the passenger seat a couple of times to see what was going on, even used her box while we were moving.

I am at the pilot in Hampton, NJ. It is full up, but I found a small spot. Gassed up already...9 mpg. 

Hoping for an early start in the morning to beat the traffic. I should hit 84 tomorrow.

Time to get some rest.

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