Monday, September 22, 2014

Celtic Fair/Music Fest

 Yesterday we went to the Celtic Fair, but it was more of a con than a fair. All sorts of costumes, music and vendors. Lots of food, and lots of hot sunshine. At least it was in a treed area so there was also lots of shade. The humidity was down a bit, which made it more bearable. They did have some highland games going on, but they didn’t interest me. I did the walk about, saw all the vendors on the outside paths, and by the time I got about half way around, I was pretty much finished. I didn’t see most of the vendors on the inside paths, as everyone wanted to talk and sell, and that got old fast.

The booth that Cypher and Maryellen were working was the blacksmith shop, and I hung out there a good part of the day and people watched. It was right by the main gate, so eventually most everyone came to me.  I was asked if I wanted to try it, but I was already too hot and worn out at that point to wield a sledge hammer. Otherwise I would have loved to have tried it. Maryellen gave me a hook that she made. It looked like fun.

I only bought one thing and that was a little dragonfly bottle stopper. I am going to see if I can get the cork out and use it for something else instead. Maybe as a topper on Anthony’s walking stick. I don’t have any bottles to cork.

We weren’t far from one of the main stages, so we got to listen to music all day too. I took a lot of pics, and it took forever for them to upload this morning.

I left the AC going for Kali Cat while we were gone yesterday. I was very happy to see that it was still going when we got back. It was way past her dinner time and she let me know about it. But she seems to be much perkier with the AC going. Her nose was cool and wet last night which made me happy. Again, snuggles off and on thru the night. And I turned off the AC in the wee hours again, and opened things back up because by then it was cooler outside.

I hung out my string of dragonfly lights the other day, but they didn’t come on that night. Last night we saw them come on, but they didn’t stay on. So I changed the battery this morning. Must have cooked it in the sun. Should be good tonight.

Ants! Texas is full of ants. I couldn’t keep them off me yesterday when I wasn’t moving. At least these weren’t the biting ones. But you can’t feel them when they are on you. I am getting a definite dislike for ants of any kind.

Today, everyone has to work so I am on my own. I’m thinking it is laundry day. I am also thinking since I am hooked up to water that I will try out my little washer plunger thingy and do them by hand. There isn’t a dryer here and I will have to hang them out anyway. I haven’t used it yet and it will be interesting to see how it works. I will have to rig up a clothes line somehow, and I dug out the clothes pins when I got the battery out for the dragonfly lights.

Two of the missing ducks flew back last night. Wonder where they have been off to for three weeks. They looked just fine. So they are now back up to seven ducks.

So Magnolia Beach is next. I looked at the weather forecast, and it isn’t much of an improvement over here, but it is the beach. KC will be able to go out, and even if it is only for a day or two, I will have had that experience and will know if I want to go back in cooler weather. Once I get there, I will figure out where I want to go next. Hopefully some good photo ops too.

I only took my new little camera yesterday. I didn’t want to haul around the big one all day. The little one just hangs around my neck and takes nice pics. I also had my phone as a backup. Thankfully, I remembered to bring a spare battery as the new camera uses up batteries really fast.

Here are the rest of the pics, and they took so long to upload and I started and stopped so many times, there will be duplicates. Sorry. :)

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