Friday, September 5, 2014

Genny problems

Directly to the blog this morning, do not pass go...

After a nice day yesterday and a wonderful dinner with Bart & Dawn (Thank you again! I am so glad we got to visit, it was like I saw you last week. Sign of true friends.) I came back to a dead house battery. I ran the engine for a while and that charged it up some, but still not enough to fire up the generator. It was too late and too dark to futz with it last night, so I am up this morning in my bathrobe troubleshooting.

This is the first time I have pulled the generator cover. I found a huge mouse nest made of paper towels, tree droppings and the foam padding around the generator. I have removed that, and am running the engine to try and charge the battery up enough to fire up the genny. I will add the pics when I get things up and running again.

I think I am just going to have both batteries replaced. The house battery is two years old and did a lot of sitting, and I have already had issues with the engine battery. Tomorrow, somewhere on the road. I don't need these issues while out on the road in unfamiliar territory.

Bart was kind enough to take me to an auto parts store. The only inverter I could get was a 750, but that is almost double my little 400. The battery dying on me explains the problems I was having with the 400 tho. Never hurts to have a spare. I think I will hard wire the 750 to the battery and just run an extension cord in when I need it. After I get it running again of course.

I got my shower yesterday. Boy did that feel good. Was wishing I had a bathing suit last night. Bart and Dawn have a beautiful back yard and pool and the weather was perfect for floating in the pool and the water was warm enough for even me!

Today Susan and I are going to get her a new computer and cell phone. Setting up the computer will take up a good part of the day. The phone "should" be easy. Then a quick training in both.

Tomorrow, I head for Biddeford. I should be able to find someone to replace the batteries somewhere along the way. Although I am still going to try to get the genny started.

Got it! I dug out my jumper and jump started the genny. She's charging up the battery, recharging the jumper and charging my laptop. I won't shut it down until I see 12.6 v on the meter. Guess I can't run the fan for the kitty without being prepared to jump the genny.

The engine running did not seem to charge the house battery. I wonder if there is a switch somewhere...

Definitely a good learning experience. I'm not upset, I have a better understanding of the whole generator thing now. And I also know that I can solve the problem if I run into it again, and I am sure to.

Now I guess I can get dressed and ready for the day.

Update: Battery isn't charging, but the power is on.

Update(2): It really helps if you have the meter set on dcv...battery all charged up. Duh!

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