Saturday, September 20, 2014

Humidity - Ugh!

Was a very quiet day yesterday. Got the rig turned so that it is aligned with the driveway in their turn around area, far enough that I have the canopy out. No grass, so far, so good on the fire ants. I managed to get it set back up without any bites. I even put my rug down. I spent the day under the canopy reading. 

Was hot and very humid, downpours off and on, and I was seriously not liking Texas much and was reconsidering the southwest in general.  I haven’t hooked up to the water yet, but will  need to this morning. I took a look at where the spigot is, and was just plain afraid to walk over there. I had enough water to get my shower and whatever else I needed for the day and a shower this morning, but will need to hook up after that. Maryellen will do the “dangerous” part for me. :)

The bonus to turning Ody is that I now can connect to their wifi. I couldn’t before. It changes my view a little, but I still have most of the really pretty part.

It is still very humid this morning, chance of showers later. I have had my new vornado fan going since it arrived yesterday morning and have managed without the AC. It is a few degrees warmer inside, but a lot less humid with the fan going. That one fan makes a huge difference. My TV mount also came and I got that up and the TV on it. It is perfect. I can move the TV out of the way when I need to get to my printer, and it is now up and off the table top so that I can use that space for something else. I will still need to find a way to secure it when in motion, but I have a couple of days to figure that out. I am considering getting another TV mount just like that one to hold my laptop when I am sitting on the bed. I think it would work with a slight modification and a whole lot less expensive than one designed to hold a laptop.

I’m still waiting for the solar generator tho. Not sure when that is supposed to arrive, and they finally shipped my LED replacement bulbs for Ody’s light fixtures. Just tracked them both, the generator is already in Ft Worth, so maybe Monday, and the bulbs were shipped 2 day, so possibly Tuesday. I have a couple other little things coming that hopefully will show before I hit the road too.

Not sure if I am going to the Celtic fair today or tomorrow. I will find out shortly I’m sure. Got a few buzzard pics yesterday, and a couple of shy woodpeckers, but nothing really exciting.Was much too warm to be moving around. Any effort created sweating. Ugh. 

Maryellen picked up Chinese food on the way home from work last night, so that was dinner. It has been a while since I have had Chinese food. Years.

I slept in until almost 6 this morning. Not without waking a few times in the night tho. Kali Cat snuggled some, but then we would both get too warm and of she would go for a little while. Looking forward to cooler, non humid nights. Poor baby is still stuck indoors. And she is starting to look her age. This trip hasn't been good for her, but I couldn't leave her behind. I worry about her. Hoping we can find a place for a few days where she can be a cat.

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