Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rain and mosquitos

Yesterday was kind of discouraging. Warm, humid, rained off and on all day and not a drop of sunshine. PLUS - mosquitos! Lots and lots of mosquitos. I couldn’t step foot outside the door without being attacked by a flock of them. If I stepped away from the door and out into the wind, it was ok. So now I am thinking I need to turn Ody so the door is facing the beach. In fact, when Vance leaves, or someone else does, I will probably take their space on the beach, closer to the water. I really would like to spend as much time outside as I can, but haven’t been able to due to the mosquitos and the rain. I haven’t used the picnic enclosure, so there is no sense in sticking to this spot if there is a better one. When I turn Ody, it will be ass end into the wind, then the mosquitos should just blow right by (in theory). Plus I will get a better view. Maybe there are fewer closer to the water too, away from the little patch of grass, and the big grass across the road.

So, being stuck inside all day, I continued on my reorganizing bent and relocated some stuff, put away a few things that were always in my way, and got the passenger seat turned around and the front a little more organized. I now have some place other than the bed to sit. I even got out the windshield curtain and put that up. Not sure I like it much, and will probably, at some point, make my own. When I ran out of things to organize, I sat in my new chair and read a book. I do need to drag my cushioned foot stool out from under the bed for my feet. Just sitting in the seat for a long period of time with no place to put my feet isn’t all that comfy.

Today is supposed to be partly sunny and clearer. Less rain. I want to walk down to the bathrooms and see if I can do a small hand wash. I also need to take a shower this morning. Since the bath house shower side is locked, I will have to use my own. Ody's floors are impossible to keep clean, but will try vacuuming again today. I’m seeing spots that haven’t been done since I moved a few things around.

The tenters are packing up and leaving. I may take their spot. They came in yesterday morning, setup, fished all day and played music the whole time they were here, including most of the night. I know this because I was awake a good part of the night. They must have had a rough night as it was pouring and blowing when I went to sleep last night, and rained most of the night.

I watched about three hours of TV last night and the solar gen only went down about 50%. I shouldn’t have to run the house gen as long today. I will need the house gen for my second cup of coffee, hot water, and the water pump for my shower. 

Magnolia Beach is located just about center on the gulf coast of Texas. It is northeast of Corpus Christie and southwest of Houston. Not sure how long I will stay here. A lot depends on the weather and if I can cure the mosquito issue. Supposedly, the weather is supposed to improve until Wednesday, then three days of intermittent rain again, then a very nice weekend. I don’t want to spend much more time sitting indoors. Kind of defeats the purpose of being at the beach. I’m also not sure where I am heading next. The balloon festival in Albuerqurque is starting soon, might head in that direction via Roswell, or, I may just bypass all of that and head straight to Quartzsite. I just don’t know.

House generator fired up, electronics charging, coffee made and water heater turned on. Just about time to get the day started.

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