Saturday, September 6, 2014

More battery problems

Well, I managed to jump start the house battery and generator yesterday morning. Had everything all charged up. But I had to leave the fan on  for the cat because it was another hot day. When I got back at 5 to check on her and feed her, the battery was dead again. I had charged up the jumper and figured that it would be an easy start, but either the jumper wasn’t fully charged, or the battery drained it before I could get the genny started. Running the engine in this rig does not charge the house battery. I’m wondering if there is a switch somewhere.

I can try, after it gets light, to jump the battery/generator from the engine battery if my cables are long enough. But really, what is the point at this stage in the game. I need a deep cycle battery, and this one is a regular car battery.

Emotionally, I am discouraged, frustrated and very tired. It has been a full four days.I have no power. The little straight talk wifi thing works great, but the battery doesn’t last long. I am typing this into my laptop email so I can cut and paste when I get juice again. Another issue is that I can’t charge the laptop on 12v. Unless the new inverter will do it when I get the battery situation figured out. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I had known how difficult it would be to charge. Then again, this is the first time I have dry camped for more than one night. I have decided I AM going to get one of those solar generators. I will find a place for it to ride even if I have to toss something else out. That way I will always have backup power for my backup power.  In the meantime, I think I can charge up the jumper some via the small inverter while I am driving. Going to try anyway. That would be enough to charge up the phone and the wifi. In fact, there is enough juice in the jumper now that my wifi is charging.

I have discovered the fridge will still run on propane even tho there is no power for the display or the light. As it should be. And I have the cooktop to cook and heat water for coffee. I’m not totally dead in the water. Good thing I have bottled water as there isn’t enough power to run the water pump.

Yesterday we got Susan a new laptop and cell phone. I got both of those up and running for her. That took the majority of the day. We cooked some chicken, corn on the cob and sweet potato fries for dinner and ate them in front of her little outdoor fireplace. Photos at a later date.

This morning I will be breaking camp (securing everything) and going to Susan’s for a couple of hours. I need a shower and should do a load of laundry while I have those conveniences available. And the goal is to head to Biddeford around noon to see Dylan and Holly and Kendall, and hopefully get this battery situation straightened out. I can live without power, but I have to have a way to charge my electronics. Solar power will be one of the first things on my list when I get where I am going. (Or sooner)

I haven’t even been able to watch my TV since I got it. I got an hour or so the first night, and that was it. I bought a two pack of movies for eight bucks yesterday and didn’t get to watch either of them last night. Not enough power.

So, tomorrow I start the long trek to Texas. I haven’t even looked at a map yet. Something else I need to do this afternoon. This is when reality sets in. It is no longer a vacation and visiting. It is a real journey. A long one for me alone. It is very scary. But it will be fine. By the time I reach Texas, I should be fine.

Well, the laptop is getting low, a charged up wifi won’t do any good if I have no charge left in the computer. Off to do today’s map while I still have a little juice. Then another very full day.

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