Thursday, September 18, 2014

Still hot

Not much this morning. 75 degrees at 5 AM. Was a warm night. Right now I have the door and windows open, fans going and the AC going to cool it down and exchange the air. Severe thunder storms with inches of rain predicted for today. I am hoping that I will miss them. Will be starting early in hopes to do that, although I don’t like driving while it is still dark.

Elgin is my last scheduled stop. After that, I have no idea where I am going. Thinking NM mountains where it will be cooler. Saturday, I will have been gone a month. Wow, time flies. The vacation feeling is waning, and reality is setting in. I don’t like not having a home base. A place to go back to where it is quiet and I don’t have to move around. So I guess I will be looking for something that will suit that purpose. I don’t want to buy the first thing I see, I want to know that it is a place I want to be. So far, I haven’t seen anything that has even come close. I don’t have much money, so it isn’t going to be anything nice. This is where the real boondocking or dry camping will come in. Walmart and Cracker Barrel parking lots don’t really count. I am feeling slightly unsettled. This is where I start wondering if I am crazy and have done the right thing.

I forgot to order a TV mount when I was shopping online yesterday, so I just got that taken care of. Less than half the cost of the one at WM, and it had all the features I wanted. The WM one didn’t have any of the features I wanted. No swivel, no extendable arm.

There are rain drops on the window. I guess I didn’t make it before the rain. Now I will just wait until daylight unless it is pouring. If I have to drive in the rain, I would much rather it be light out. If it is pouring, I will stay right here until it stops. I don’t HAVE to reach Elgin today. And I have everything I need right here. I’m sure KC wouldn’t mind. Wish I already had my solar generator so I could run a fan without the big generator, but I am grateful I have the big one working again. If I end up staying here for the day, I will move further away from the store. I appear to be in the middle of a favorite parking area.

Kali Cat seems to be feeling better this morning. Her nose and ears are cooler, and she has been up for some loving already. That makes me feel better. Still not using her bed tho. I bought some catnip spray yesterday and will give the bed a squirt, see if that works. I had to move her off the dash twice yesterday while I was driving. My visibility is bad enough without having her block more.

I have about four hours to go to reach Elgin. The map says 2.5, but I am finding it is taking me at least an additional hour to their predictions. I can’t do the speeds that theirs are calculated at, add in a couple of quick stops and stretches, and you get a much longer drive. I will also have to gas up this morning. Started out with 3/4 of a tank yesterday, not sure where it was when I pulled in, and have been running the generator quite a bit. That reduces the gas mileage since there is really no way to track what the generator uses.

Thankfully, I haven’t seen any more signs of fleas. KC isn’t scratching and I haven’t seen any on me. Hoping we escaped that bullet. It is time to treat KC again too. But didn’t want to do it when she was under the weather. Hopefully she will be feeling well enough later today.

It is just about time to get dressed and get this day under way. I really don’t like the driving, but having google maps GPS guiding me helps a lot, unless my phone isn’t plugged in and it shuts down without my noticing. I missed a turn that way yesterday. Had to do a U turn and go back. Not the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last either. I will just have to make sure the phone is plugged in when using the GPS. It drains the phone battery very fast. I haven’t even pulled out my Nuvi yet.

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  1. So, where do you have your Amazon stuff shipped to if you are still on the move and have no home base?