Sunday, September 7, 2014

Battery and internet

Had a hell of a job connecting to the internet this morning. Took over an hour and several different places for the little wifi thingy. It is hanging outside the door now. Worked just fine indoors last night. Go figure.

Anyway, had a wonderful dinner with Dylan, Holly and Kendall last night. Got some photos, but with the internet issues this morning, will have to post them later. We jumped the generator with the car when we got back, and I ran it for a couple of hours along with the AC to cool it down in here. The battery charged, and stayed charged all night. So now I am thinking it was operator error and inexperience that created the issue. I did leave the fan running for the cat all day when I was with Susan and only ran the generator once. I will put the meter on it this morning and if it is at 12.something volts, I am going to hit the road, but keep an eye on it.

So today I leave Maine. The official first leg of my journey. I don't expect to see Texas until the weekend. It is 1700 miles. If I do 340 miles a day, that will take five days. I should be an experienced boondocker by then.

I slept well last night. There are several other RV's here and I felt comfortable. It was also quiet.

Kali Cat is out for her morning constitutional. I do worry every time I let her out that it could be the last time I see her, but so far, she has always come back. She hates riding, and she needs a little outdoor time. It is what she has had for 18 years.

So, it is time for me to get dressed and assess the battery situation and decide if I am rolling or replacing a battery. I'm thinking I'm going to roll. Will be interesting to see how far I get.

My back is better, but my leg is still bothering me. But it is a major improvement over this time last week.

Kali Cat is back, time to get moving.

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