Thursday, September 4, 2014

St Mary's Church and Casco Bay

Yesterday was another fun filled day. It didn't help that I didn't sleep well the night before. It was full of shopping, repairs and opinions. First thing in the morning when the store opened, I went shopping at Wal Mart. I have a huge list, but only came out with a few things. I did buy a $98 TV and flat antenna, plus a new spatula to replace the one that was bending, some hi lighters to mark up my map book, more bungee balls and another set of tent stakes. I keep finding new uses for them and can never have enough of those, just like clamps.

I got two channels on my TV. One is a news/weather channel, the other is channel 8, so I got to watch a little Modern Family last night. At least with this, if I fall asleep with it on, it isn't using up my measured internet. Current selections are nil tho. Hoping for more channels as we travel.

Then I moved to the Episcopal church on RT 88 in Falmouth. What a beautiful spot. Easy in, easy out, level and private. I wish they were all like this. I actually slept pretty well last night, and I needed it. I will post a pic later (tomorrow) after I get dressed and can move far enough away to get a good pic.

Kali Cat has been out a couple of times. There are other cats here and I saw one last night. Kali Cat came out and didn't go far from the step, seemed to be watching something. It was one of the church cats. She stayed away and there were no cat fights.

Late yesterday we went out on Steve's sail boat. We motored out to Clapboard Island and had lobster and corn for dinner and fresh fruit for dessert. Was an awesome evening to be out on the water. A real treat and something to remember.

I need a new inverter. More power! I want one big enough to run my coffee maker. I am not a huge fan of instant coffee. This morning I used the stove to heat the water for the coffee....duh, could have done that yesterday. I get up way too early to run the generator and need my coffee when I get up. Plus, my macbook air makes my little 400 watt inverter squeal. The TV did too when I had it on the 25 ft extension. I may need bigger wire. And possibly hardwire it to the battery. Need to figure out how to feed the line inside so I don't have to run it up the outside of Ody. I'm also wondering if I put my UPS between the inverter and the laptop if that will eliminate the squealing.

WalMart only had another 400w inverter, I guess I need an auto parts store. I want to get the biggest one I can get without breaking the bank.

This morning I am going back to Susan's, then back here by two as Bart and Dawn are picking me up at three and we are going to visit and have dinner. They will bring me back tonight. Hoping to find an inverter somewhere in my travels.

Here are yesterday's pics. Again, it was a real treat. :)

There are a lot more pics and can be seen here....

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