Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moving day.

My LED bulbs came yesterday. But when I tried to replace the bulbs over the sink, it smoked my light fixture. I have heard back from the place I bought them from after sending them an email, and it looks as if I might be able to salvage the fixture. I will have to bypass the ballast. They were the right bulbs, and he says most of the time there isn’t an issue. Of course, mine had an issue. I will save that project for when I am stationary for a while, but will have to buy some supplies before I do it anyway. In the meantime, if I find I really need that light over the sink, I can pull one from one of the bunks and use that. I also have my clip on lamp I can use, and that already has an LED bulb in it.

I managed another day without AC. It was overcast a good part of the day and didn’t get really hot until about 5 when the sun came out in full. It stayed cooler in Ody again. I guess that fan is making a big difference. Although it has been very nice being hooked up to 30amp and having the ability to use the AC.

Today is moving day. I’m ready. Even tho I am in someone’s yard, I feel very restricted. I don’t wander from the rig due to all the painful or poisonous creepy crawlies here, and it still way too warm to put on boots and wander. I am hoping that both KC and I get to do some of that on the beach. According to Cypher, there is a new big spider right by the front door. I didn’t see it, but I did see a lizard last night. 

I have mapped out the route, and will stop at the super Walmart in Port Lavaca and pick up some food before I hit the beach. I have been having dinner each night with Cypher and Maryellen, so haven’t needed much in the way of groceries. But now I will be feeding myself and need food. I won’t need to gas up until I get there, so I will have a full tank of gas to run the generator on. If I get a spot on the beach with a picnic enclosure I will also have the ability to grill, so I think I will grab some charcoal just in case. On the plus side with all this heat, I am eating less.

After the light debacle, I dug up some eye screws and rigged up a bungee for the newly mounted TV. That should keep it from moving around. And while I was digging for those, I found enough eye screws to rehang the clothes line I put up the other day, so I did that too. Just puttered some. 

It wasn’t sunny enough to charge up the solar generator, so I plugged it in to shore power to make sure it had a full charge on it before I left. I probably should have bought the 12v plug to go with it so I could charge it while driving, but I didn’t. Hoping there will be enough sunshine to keep the thing powered. I also tried charging my phone directly from the solar panel and that worked quite well. Can’t do that with my laptop tho. Need the inverter/solar generator for that or shore/generator power.

As for breaking camp, I will have to do the awning and stuff before I move the rig, but am planning on moving it out to the driveway before I pack up the hoses and power cords. That way I can do my walk arounds without having to worry too much about fire ants and other nasty things. There isn’t much I need to do inside, I try to keep that road ready for the most part. Poor Kali Cat is going to be unhappy for part of the day. I will make sure her box is clean before we leave because she will poop at some point during the ride. She always does. I will be using my new boots for breaking camp. One of the reasons I bought them. Who knows what has moved in under the rig since I parked it here last week, and I am not going to look.

I might even get to swim today. Supposedly it is safe and clean. I still don’t have a suit tho. Will have to come up with something. I won’t kayak because I won’t have the fresh water to spare to wash off the kayak when I am done. I am looking forward to the beach and I hope it isn’t crowded. Campfires are allowed, so I might even do that. :) We’ll see.

Well, the water should be hot by now for my shower, so I guess it is time I did that and start breaking camp. Will check in after I arrive and settle.

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