Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Knoxville TN - Walmart Supercenter

Roughly 273 miles today. Was very pleasant. Less traffic, fewer trucks, more courteous drivers. Although, I am finding motorcycle drivers to be the biggest offensive drivers. Got on the road about 7:15, and arrived here just about noon. Still in the eastern time zone. Had to check.

Not much to write about today. The weather is very breezy, and in the upper 70's, elusive sunshine. My eyes have had enough anyway.

Eyes were better today than yesterday. Again, it got easier as I drove. Tried eye drops today to see if that would help.

According to the map I only have 753 miles left to go from over 1700 at starting point from Maine. Maybe I will be there on Saturday. If all goes well.

Off to WM to pick up a few things, and hopefully some watermelon too. :) I'm going to have to feed myself for a few days, tested my blood sugar this morning, it is higher than it should be according to my pattern. Too many carbs, not enough fruits and veggies.

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