Sunday, October 19, 2014

Leasburg Dam, next stop

I did walk to the point yesterday and tracked it with my phone. It was 1.22 miles one way, so double that, about 2.5 miles total. Spent a little time with my maps to try and figure out where to next, had considered Caballo State Park, about 30 miles from here, but changed my mind later. A couple of the ladies are headed towards Leasburg Dam State Park, so that is where I am headed too.

We swapped cards last night, I added a couple more blogs to my news feed. Definitely interesting people. Everyone has different reasons for being out here and different takes on everything.

We had a little wine and cheese party last night because most of us are breaking camp today and headed out. Was fun, a few pics were taken and posted on FB. I contributed lobster pate (my last can) and some smoked oysters. There were lots of good cheese and crackers and fruit and I even had one oreo style cookie. A rare treat. That was dinner, supplemented by a few almonds later.

I packed up all the outside stuff and took down the screen house last night. It was breezy, so the skeets weren’t bad. They pretty much left me alone while I was doing that. 

This morning I need to shower, lash down what needs securing, dump my tanks and hit the road. Will be a short hop today, about 67 miles. A little over an hour. I am holding off feeding Kali Cat so I won’t have to clean up a canned food mess when she barfs. I will give her a little bit of dry kibble so she will have something in her stomach, and will give her some canned food when we get settled in.  I'm also going to put down a couple of pee pads that will hopefully make the inevitable cleanup easier. I gassed up before I came into the park, so I won’t have to do that today, and I will be using less than a quarter of a tank to get there, so I won’t need to gas up before parking either. It is pretty much a straight shot down 25 from here. `I should get some more bottled water, but I think I have enough perishables to get by for a few days, plus I have some canned goods still.

I need to check my engine for mice. Apparently that is very common out here. I haven’t seen any signs yet, or heard any, but you never know. And thankfully, I haven’t seen any other creepie crawlies, inside or out. 

The clouds are rumbling quite loudly this morning. Probably won’t see much sun today. And won’t see much rain either. Ody could use a nature’s bath, but I would rather not drive in the rain. So if it could hold off until I get there, that would be great. I’m hoping to find someone at some point that will be willing to give Ody a good wash and wax. I have the stuff to do it, but my shoulders can’t handle it. She is way too big for me to do.

Well, I guess I have run out of things to say this morning. Maybe I will be headed out earlier than I thought. That isn’t a bad thing.

I'm thinking this is my last campground, then I will head to Yuma and visit with Howard and Barbara for a few days, then finally, will head to Quartzsite for the rest of the season. At least now I know some people that will be there, and I hope to meet a lot more. Looking forward to some flea market shopping, classes and get togethers. And maybe even some groceries and stuff within walking or biking distance. I will take down my bike when I get to Quartzsite and re-learn how to ride a bike. I will finally get to use my LLB day pack. 


  1. I have the phone number of a company that washes/waxes RVs in Yuma. They will come to you. I haven't used them because the timing didn't work out for me, but they come highly recommended from a couple of my friends. I'll find the number for you. There are also companies in Quartzsite, and they come to your campsite, too. :)

    PS - I'm eating cranberry sauce right now. LOL

  2. Awesome. I do need to get it done sometime soon. I bet my gas mileage will improve too. :)