Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bored and lonely.

I’m fine, KC is fine…doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort, purrs when I pet her or talk to her. I did some reading on UTI’s yesterday, and it is possible hers is stress induced as opposed to bacterial. This means I need to take her off dry food completely and change her canned food to something more expensive. I will do that when I get to civilization. This also means the antibiotics aren’t doing a thing for her. I’m cleaning her box several times a day, and she is peeing pretty much normal amounts, and I see her drinking water. Both good things.

I have to say that I am getting bored. And lonely. Not having wheels so I can go to town really sucks. This means I can only go as far as my feet will take me, and that isn’t far. Roswell is 12 miles away. I can see it at night, but can’t get there unless I break camp. I’m really going to have to seriously think about towing a vehicle.

Had some really strange dreams last night. Left me feeling out of sorts this morning.

There isn’t much for TV channels here. I watched an episode of Lawrence Welk after I finished my book last night, and it was still only 7:30, too early to go to bed. So I hauled out the movie that I bought in Falmouth and watched that.

Yesterday morning I went for my walk up the hill on the road. I brought my little canon camera, checked the battery before I left, and the battery crapped out just as I reached the top of the hill. It said it was full, so I hadn’t brought another with me. So my photos are all from my phone. After I did the hill, I walked up to the neglected building on the corner. Discovered it was the Fin & Feather Club property. A really nice little building left to deteriorate. Doesn’t look like it has been used in ages.

Got my shower after I got back, did what little laundry that needed to be done and hung those out to dry. The afternoon was spent reading, mostly indoors as the wind is cold. I think we hit 70 yesterday. Might be a little warmer today, but I have already had to come in because of the cold wind. I do have the windows and the outside door open tho, to keep it aired out.

All the airstreams are hooking up and heading out. Several have left already this morning. The rest will be gone by the end of the day. Had some new people come in late yesterday. One older couple in a pop up with not one, but five little yappers. Then later, a travel trailer came in and setup on the other side of me and they are coughers. Both of them, constantly coughing.

OK, the yappers have broken camp and left. The coughers have gone off to town. It is pretty quiet here right now.  Today I really do need to spend some time with my maps and figure out where to head next. I also need to go drain my tanks. I will try to put that off until Tuesday morning, but one of them is already full. I think it is the gray water tank, but I am not sure. They don’t say which is which. I’m hoping there is a little wiggle room and I won’t have to move Ody until it is time to leave.

I just tried to find the super glue so I could fix the foot on my crock pot, but I can’t find anything here. I’m not tearing apart the whole cargo area to find one little tube of glue. I will just buy one when I hit civilization. It would have been nice to fix that while it was out, but it isn’t worth all the trouble.

I will be fine, eventually. Just have to work thru the emotions. I have been missing Jake a lot more than usual this week. A lot of it is because I am lonely, and I am finding that people will say hi as they walk by, but that is about it. Not really friendly. No one to do anything with. It is like I never left IP. Add to that being out in the middle of nowhere and no wheels to get around. It is kind of depressing.  Today's photos. I did the Wetland Trail again.

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