Friday, October 3, 2014

Kali Cat is feeling a little better.

Yesterday didn’t turn out as I had planned. But even with the kitty emergency, things turned out OK. Kali Cat has a urinary infection. It took three different clinics to get her seen, but the doctor was great. We were there less than a half hour and we were done. She got a shot and some antibiotics that I have to give her for the next two weeks. Once we were done with the vet, I fired up the generator and ran the AC and looked online to see what my options were. Found a campground that had available spots and made a reservation for last night and tonight. Then I had some shopping to do. I was going to go to Walmart and HEB, but HEB was first, and I got almost everything I needed there so didn’t bother going to WM. 

I was out of all my perishables and drinking water. I got four gallons of water, a bunch of fruit and veggies and also got a couple little steaks, some catfish and some more frozen shrimp. I remembered the charcoal and lighter fluid too. Got all that loaded into Ody and most of it put away, and headed to the campground. 
Unfortunately, there are no grills here, and I don't own one yet. Will have to fix that soon.

The first thing I did when we got to our spot was plug in the power and fired up the AC. It was over 90 again yesterday, and I have had just about all I can take of the heat. And they tell me this is cool compared to summer. Remind me never to come to Texas in the summer. Anyway, got the water hooked up and came inside for a little while. Then went back out and dealt with the tanks and later I had to hook up the cable for the TV because when I scanned, there were no channels. I didn’t know if the cable would work or not, but it did. If this is going to be a regular thing, I need to get a switch so I don’t have to keep unscrewing whatever cable is attached to the TV. With a switch, I can just change it from antenna to cable and only have to worry about hooking up outside. I’m glad I bought that coax at the last WM. I hadn’t needed it until now. 

This is where we are.

I had rotisserie chicken and potato salad for dinner. Was grateful I didn’t have to cook. Green grapes for dessert.

I crashed around 9 last night. I had had enough. Didn’t sleep well the night before or any of the nights on the beach for that matter because of the heat and humidity. I slept ok. Woke up once and was up for a while, but managed to go back to sleep until 5ish. I’m still tired and may try to get another hour before I get myself moving.

Thankfully there is decent wifi here too. I am getting things updated and synced. I need to spend some time mapping before I leave too.

I still need to get propane, they don’t sell it here. Will have to find someplace that does as that is what keeps the refrigerator running when there is no electricity.

The bay is right across the street from the campground. Supposedly there are a bunch of things within walking distance. I want to get out with my cameras and get some pics, see what is available. 

I woke up to thunder and lightening and some pretty heavy rain this morning. It has stopped and it looks like the sky is clearing. Supposed to be cooler today - in the 80’s instead of the 90’s. It is actually cooler outside at the moment than it is inside, but it is also very, very damp out. So I am not opening up. 

I have to decide if I want to continue on to Port Aransas or just head northwest to cooler country. Since we are so close to Port A, I may go there for one night, maybe two and then head inland. Time for some cooler weather. I am sick of all the heat and humidity and the need for fans and AC. At least I am no longer in the area where there were tornadoes last night, and I am hopefully far enough away from Dallas and the ebola virus.

Oh, I also spent some time online dealing with a website issue. I’m again, grateful for the park wifi. It just makes it so much easier when I don’t have to worry about usage. I use way more than 7 gig a month. My phone has been choked because I hit my limit a couple of days ago. It makes it difficult to use any of the features because it is so slow. I’m glad I had nuvi yesterday because my phone couldn’t manage the directions to the campground. 

Well, I guess it is time I try to give KC her meds. Unfortunately, I gave her some canned food already this morning. Duh, should have done the meds first. She is sleeping a lot and thankfully isn’t peeing everywhere now. I have to say with all the blood I saw, I was afraid it was something very serious. He said it was a combination of stress and her age, and I would also say the heat. Neither of us are used to it.  I have been drinking extra fluids, but I don’t think she has. I will be putting extra water in her canned food, she loves that. 

Hoping for some exploration and some nice pics today.

So, the cat medicating didn't go well. I don't know why I thought the liquid would be better than pills other than the fact that I had tried to pill her in the past and failed. She spit it all up and had bits of drool hanging from both sides of her mouth. Since she didn't get any of her meds, I took what was left of her canned food from breakfast and mixed it in with that, some additional water and some rotisserie chicken. She has eaten most of that and it should be gone by dinner. Guess she will be getting morning canned food for a while.

Also, it is absolutely gorgeous out! Breezy, clear and best of all, in the 70's! I hope it lasts!

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