Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bottomless Lakes State Park, Roswell, New Mexico

So, yesterday was my third travel day in a row. Kali Cat again, wedged herself into her new spot and stayed there the whole drive. Didn’t even come out on rest stops. I only took two very short ones, the second one when I was driving in circles trying to find this place. Nuvi brought me in the back way, I have to say I was a little nervous out there on that single lane road with nothing for miles around me, and the signage left something to be desired. There were signs, but they weren’t at all informative. I basically found the place by just driving around.  I actually drove right past it on my way in, and ended up wasting an hour just driving around.

I have a nice little spot here with electric and water, but no sewer. Although there is a dump station on the way out. There is also a bathroom and showers. I am looking forward to my shower this morning. This little campground is on Lea Lake, and supposedly you can swim and kayak here. But I won’t be here long enough for the kayaking. I paid for two nights, but might just hang out here thru the weekend. I’m not in any rush to get anywhere. I do want to spend a day in downtown Roswell, and will do that when I leave here, park for the night at Walmart before I head to wherever I am going next. I don’t know where that is yet. 

I still have the back of Ody closed off, KC is still acting like she is going to go back there to pee, so I will keep it closed off for a while. She uses the litter box if she can’t get to the back. I am going to pull both rugs today and wash them. I also need to wash the floors and get this place cleaned up. I still have beach sand from Magnolia Beach. That will be a good afternoon project for when it warms up too much to go exploring. 

It hit 91 here yesterday afternoon, so KC and I spent the afternoon in the rig with the AC. Although, it is much less humid here. I will do my exploring in the morning when it is still cool and have quiet afternoons. Just the way I like it anyway. Just have to get myself moving earlier in the mornings.

I was very happy to cross the New Mexico state line. Did that about an hour and a half into the drive. At the same time, we crossed a time zone. We are now in Mountain time. All my clocks are different again. I still need to set the clock on the dash. Every time I think of it, I am already driving. My phone and my little computer change automatically. 

Kali Cat got all of her meds yesterday. I had a salad with tuna for a late lunch and I always give her the juice. I put her meds in that and she had it down in minutes. It is a good thing too because I was prepping the turnip greens I had in the fridge that I needed to cook before they went bad and had everything setup on one of the drop shelves, and when I went to turn on the little burner, the whole thing went crashing to the floor, hitting her food dish and spraying canned food everywhere. So, the turnip greens went into the trash and I had a hell of a mess to clean up. I ended up having tortilla chips and cheese, a couple small tomatoes, and  two sticks of celery for dinner instead.

There is a grill here. I think I will use it today. I do have my charcoal and lighter fluid. I could also use my crockpot, but I think the grill will be better. I haven’t used charcoal on my own before, so it will be kind of fun.

I bought an annual pass to the New Mexico State Parks. There are a bunch of them. The pass allows me to boondock for free, and if I want amenitites, I will get an extremely reduced rate at any state park. This spot I am in with electric and water is only $4 a night. Saves me $10 per night. The pass is good until the end of next October. Twenty two nights and I have my money back. So I will need to do at least twenty more before the end of next October. Shouldn’t be too difficult. There are a lot of places to choose from. 

I didn’t realize it when I parked here yesterday, but I am near the trash cans. I chose the spot because it was the only one with a tree. There are raccoons here. They have been at the cans all night. And at 4 AM I was awakened by one climbing my screen door, I’m now very glad I put the steel grill on the bottom of the door.. I had to scare it off a couple of times. I don’t know if it did any damage, I will look when it gets light, but I won’t be sleeping with the outside door open here any more. It is also quite chilly. It was 50 degrees when the coon woke me. I actually had to use a blanket last night! First time since I left Tennesse. It felt good. No night sweats. I have to say, I am actually cold. For the moment it feels pretty good, but not something I would want every night. I will close up a little better tonight.

KC is eating the new dry food I bought for her and drinking water. I hope this means she is on the mend. Just cleaned her box. One of her poos was a little runny, but that could be because of the antibiotics. I’m just glad there was stuff in there to clean out. As opposed to somewhere else. ...

There are TV channels, but they consist of PBS and cartoons. Nothing I have much interest in. Although I did watch a program on women in the movies last night. There is also wifi (free), but it isn’t all that great. I keep loosing the connection even tho the signal is strong. Nothing that I can watch TV with, it keeps hanging in the middle of whatever I am trying to watch.

I am now thinking that I will stay here thru Monday. Do downtown then, and move on to the next state park on Tuesday. Hopefully something close enough I can do it in one day’s drive. That will be a littel easier on both me and KC. Although I will have to dump my tanks before then.

Well, it is starting to get light out. Time to get a shower and get myself moving.

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