Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rain on the way

Another hot and humid night. Ugh! I am getting very tired of the heat. Plus, I haven’t had a shower in several days, and that is getting old too. I think I am a bit cranky this morning. It is currently 81 degrees and the humidity is 93%. I gave up and fired up the generator and ran the AC for several hours, until the gas tank hit a quarter of a tank, then the generator shut off. If I had enough gas, I would have just run it all night and gotten a decent  nights sleep. My three little fans helped, but not enough.

Kali Cat used the shower as a litter box yesterday. So I had that to clean up too. 
:(  I think she was just hot and cranky too. Hopefully. I have seen her use the box since, so hopefully it isn’t a new trend.

I didn’t read yesterday. I did get my iPad out, but just wasn’t in the mood. I kinda hung out, took pictures, played with the hermit crabs and took a swim. They guys next door went in for a swim and came out alive, so I decided to give it a try. Since I don’t have a suit, I just wore the clothes that I had on. They needed to be washed anyway.  The water was really warm and it felt good. But I could’t rinse off because my fresh water is just about gone. Was saving it for this morning, but I don’t know if I have enough for a shower. I may have to take another dip as a temporary bath until I can get a real shower.

I am out of just about everything. The propane is down to it’s last notch, the fresh water is about gone, not enough gas to run the generator and my drinking water is about gone. I even emptied the little butane can in my portable stove when I tried to heat coffee water this morning. The fridge is pretty empty too. So that means today is moving day. I guess since I have to leave, I might as well move on to a new location. Have decided on Port Aransas. Free parking on the beach for three nights, it is a touristy town, so I might actually do something besides sit on the beach. I’m kind of bored here anyway.

My neighbors, two guys fishing, stopped and asked if I needed anything from the marina when they went out for lunch yesterday. That was nice of them. I told them I would keep an eye on their stuff for them. Well, at one point I glanced out and saw their umbrella had decided to take a swim. So I got changed and went to go rescue it. They had gotten back, and I had already changed, so I went and fished it out anyway.

I had to get my big computer out and update one of the snowmobile websites. Also had to deal with a virus, so that took a while. Finally got it, then moved on to the website update. It felt really strange  updating a snowmobile website when the temp was 91 degrees outside and I was sitting inside under the AC. It was a billable hour, which I sometimes charge and sometimes don’t. This year I am going to have to bill as the internet cost so much. I need to pay for it somehow. I will have other sites that need to be updated too, so maybe I can make enough to buy another 7 gig. I have already used up my 3gig on my phone, so that is choked until my next month. :(  I really do need to find a better solution to the internet issue, or not use it as much. 

OK, so I guess Kali Cat and the shower is going to be an issue. She just went in there and peed, right in front of me. :( So I had to use some of what little fresh water I have left to clean that. :( I doubt I have enough for a shower now, even a quick one, and I really need to wash my hair. I scolded her, but not too vehemently, I don’t want her finding another spot that will be much harder to clean up. I still think it is the heat. If it is getting to me, I can imagine how she feels with all that fur.

I have to say, I have my moments wondering if I have done the right thing. It is really too soon to tell, and I can move to cooler areas. And it has been interesting. Just not sure what I want or where I want to be. The creepie crawlies are overshadowing a lot of my thoughts. Not sure I want to be constantly on watch. I am also missing the cool fall air and the foliage. I know I left the northeast too soon, but there wasn’t a lot I could say about it. I was very happy to discover there are no scorpions, spiders or fire ants on the beach. I could actually go barefoot here.

Anyway, at the moment, and for the last day or so, I have had this feeling of dissatisfaction. Knowing that I need to move on, but not sure where to. I don’t like the heat and humidity, have to conserve on everything. I am thinking a night or two in a campground with full hookups might go a long way towards dispelling my mood. I definitely haven’t found what I am looking for, and might not.

Well, it is starting to get light out. Time to figure things out and get moving. 

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