Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sick kitty.

So, has been a challenging morning. Started off with less than a quarter tank of gas and not knowing where the next gas station was. Finally found one in Tivoli and filled up. $3.29 gal. Not the best I have seen, but a whole lot less than the 3.59 in Magnolia Beach. When we stopped to gas up, I went back to clean up KC's barf and discovered blood all over the bathroom floor and shower. NOT GOOD. So I cleaned that up and headed for Rockport hoping to find a vet that would see her. I was scared to death this was it for her. I ended up going to three different animal clinics before I found one that would see her. The first one didn't do walk ins, the second didn't have a vet on duty (WTF?), and the third one supposedly closed at noon. It was already 11:30. So I made a dash for the third one, cash or checks only, and he saw her right away. She has a urinary infection most likely caused by her age, not drinking enough, and stress. I am adding the heat and humidity to that. She got a shot and has antibiotics to take for the next two weeks. I'm also $130 poorer than I was an hour ago.
She was such a good girl, no leash or collar, no carrier, and she didn't panic and try to get away. She was alert and curious. Now I need to decide if I am staying here in Rockport or continuing on to Port Aransas.

I am currently sitting in the parking lot with the generator and AC going. Time for lunch, especially since I forgot to eat breakfast.

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