Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time to roll

It is pretty nippy here this morning. 36 degrees outside and 47 inside. I dragged out my little electric heater and it is getting nice and toasty in here, especially with the back closed off. 

I had planned on taking a shower this morning before I left, but since it is so cold, I am thinking just a wash up here, and a shower in my own shower tonight after we arrive and hook up. It will be much warmer and my tanks will be empty, and it will be nice to use my own shower for a change. I haven’t been able to use it here because I don’t have a sewer hook up and my tanks are full. 

Headed off to Elephant Butte State Park today. Going to hit the Walmart in Truth or Consequences first as I am out of all my perishables. The state park is only about 20 minutes from there. 

I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. Puttered, cleaned windows, finally got the dash clock set, lubed the step, put stuff away and just prepped for today’s travels. In the afternoon, I read. I stayed inside most of the day as it didn’t even hit 70, and with the wind, it felt cold. Pretty much a constant wind here. And flies. There are cows not too far away, the air smells like cow manure if the wind is blowing the right way, and lots and lots of flies. Hopefully there will be fewer at EB.

Kali Cat was having some difficulty last night, but seems to have dealt with it during the night. I had considered taking her to a vet in Roswell today. But since she peed ok during the night, and she is still on antibiotics, I am going to wait. There are two vets in Truth or Consequences. She is not acting sick. Is eating, pooping, purring, drinking water…Everything she is supposed to be doing. Lots and lots of purrs and seems to have put back on a little bit of weight. She looks a lot better than she did a week or so ago. I guess I am going to have to take her off dry food altogether and do canned food twice a day. That will be the best way to get her cleared up. I’m going to see if I can get a really good quality canned food for at least one of her twice a day feedings. Science Diet or Hills or something. Can’t hurt. The ash content in her current food is quite low, so I don’t need to remove that completely. I’m not giving her canned food this morning because we are traveling, and I don’t want to have to clean it up. If she handles the ride today like she did last week, I will continue on to EB. If not, I will locate one of the vets. 

I don’t know how long I will stay at EB. With these temps, it might be time to head a little west. But it is still quite warm in the desert. After all the heat the last three or four weeks, these temps feel really cold. But upper 90’s is still too hot.

I already have the outside packed up. Wasn’t much, my chair, clothes line and water hose. Most of the inside is taken care of. Just last minute things now. I have the heater turned off and the hot water heater on so I can have warm water to wash up with.  Will get myself dressed and roll. Dump tanks on the way out, gas up in Roswell, and I should be in T or C by early afternoon. There isn’t a direct route, so I have to head north west and then south. I will probably gas up again in T or C so I can go in with a full tank. Just in case I need to use the generator. I still haven’t filled my propane, but as long as I have electricity, I don’t need it. I didn’t fill my fresh water tank yesterday because there will be a water hookup at EB. No sense in carrying all that extra weight. I still have half a tank.

Well, it is starting to get light out. Time for me to get myself moving. 

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