Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On to New Mexico

Just a quickie this morning as it is just about time to roll.
I have been up since 4:30, but haven’t had my coffee yet because when I looked outside, there were six additional RV’s out there, and they were way too close to start up the generator. I have since given in and made coffee on the stove with the french press and am waiting for it now. 

Yesterday’s drive was pleasant. Not a lot of traffic, scenery, and no unpleasant surprises from KC. Although, as soon as we stopped, she went and peed on the cargo area rug. I caught her getting ready to do it a second time, and I picked her up an tried to make her go in her box, but you know how that goes. She held on to it for a little while, under the drivers seat, then came out and used her box. And has since. I also have the door closed to the back so she can’t get back there now.

A little shopping at WM. Got some new food for her which she seems to like, a new, smaller, trash can, and a salad for lunch which also served for dinner. 

It got hot in here and I had to fire up the generator and the AC for a couple hours. No TV channels here so I didn’t get to watch any TV. I read a book and went to bed early.

I am cranky this morning already. Maybe the coffee will help.

This is the last of Texas. Should be in New Mexico by mid morning. Finally.

Coffee is ready - time to hit the road.

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