Monday, October 13, 2014

Improved attitude

Not much new and exciting here. I did the wetlands trail again yesterday, but did it in reverse for a change of pace. Got a few pics, nothing spectacular. Getting tired of the scenery here, time to move on. If I hadn’t already paid for tonight, I would head out today. Granted, it is only $4, but it is the principle of the thing.

Will head out tomorrow morning. Get my tanks emptied, will fill my fresh water tank today and get that done, and start lashing things so all I will have to do tomorrow morning is get my shower, empty the tanks and hit the road. Am heading for Elephant Butte State Park in Truth or Consequences. It is about a six hour drive, so it will be two days for me. I have to add at least an hour to whatever time google maps estimates, so it will probably be more like 8 hours. I can’t do more than four hours a day, so I will have to find a spot to spend the night.

I guess I won’t be spending any time in downtown Roswell. No UFO Museum. Maybe next year I will find someone to do it with me. That makes this Roswell experience a whole lot different than the one Jake and I had. It’s probably just as well that I don’t revisit anyway. I am already missing him way too much. This adventure should be about new experiences and new people.

There will be people I kind of know at Elephant Butte. Christine, who I met briefly while still in IP, and a few other friends in my Solo Women RV group on FB. Will be nice to have someone to talk to and possibly hang out with, and meet in person.

I have been living in Ody almost three months now. That is working out OK except for all the extra stuff I have in here and the fact that I can’t find anything. Am hoping at some point to have a place that I can unload all the extra unnecessary stuff and outfit her the way she is supposed to be outfitted instead of stuff crammed into every corner. Looking forward to having my table and benches and a real bunk at some point. And maybe even a work space. 

It is pretty cold here this morning. In the upper 40’s. I should warm up nicely once the sun comes up tho. We did hit at least 83 yesterday, but gained some gusty winds later in the day. More than usual. And it rained for a few again last night.

I did spend some time with my maps yesterday, but didn’t figure anything out. Today I have to plan out our route. I will need to gas up in Roswell, and I still need to find some propane somewhere. Since I have had electricity, I haven’t been using the propane and still have half a tank, so it isn’t as dire as I thought it would be a week ago. Howard tells me the Flying J gas station/truck stops have propane, dump stations and water. I will have to watch for that.

I haven’t needed to use the AC in several days, but almost did yesterday. It gets hot in Ody in the full sun. But there was enough of a breeze coming thru that I didn’t have to turn it on. At least I had the option.

I did ask about climbing up the tower, but it isn’t climbable. Apparently it is an old water tower with the tank removed and closed off to the public. Too bad. Probably would have been a nice view from up there. Not sure where I will walk today. Maybe just around the lake again. Just to get out and about for a little while. I have to walk in the morning when it is cooler. It was almost too warm by the time I got out there yesterday. Should have brought some water with me. But I hate carrying a bunch of gear just to go for a walk.

I’m feeling better this morning. I have at least part of a plan in place and a new location to head for. People to see. Maybe even something to do. If I had wanted to stay inside and read every day, I could have stayed in IP. Some days that is fine, but not every day. And there might even be some hot springs there. Someone mentioned them. I have never had that experience. Looking forward to it. Supposedly swimming is allowed here, there is even a little “beach”. But it is all that red clay soil, even in the water and just is not the least bit inviting. I had thought I might swim while here, but no way am I going in that water. Ugh. It is more like a large, red, mud puddle.

Someone suggested calling a taxi to go in town. I hadn’t considered that and it was a good idea. But I don’t know how much a round trip would cost, and I really don’t want to spend the money. I have to be very careful with my money. I think I have done quite well so far. Not much I can do about the cost of gas, but it is quite a bit less than it is in the northeast, so that helps.

Well, I guess that is about it for this morning. The sun is finally up and it should start warming up soon. I have something to do (prep for tomorrow) and it is going to be a sunny day. Kali Cat was feeling a little frisky this morning. I take that as a good sign. I feel bad limiting her space, but by doing that, she does use the box instead of the shower. I hope it isn’t something I am going to have to do all the time. I am still finding bits of cat food in places from my collapsed shelf the other day. Like I said, it went everywhere.  I’m hoping this week went a long way towards KC’s healing as well. Little to no stress for her. I need to make shorter jumps as I believe it is the actual traveling that has upset her. Although she has handled it quite well. I feel bad that I can’t let her out here. I probably won’t be able to until we hit Quartzsite and find a place to park for the winter.

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