Monday, October 20, 2014

Trails and gardens

Hit the road at 9 AM yesterday in the middle of an electrical storm. Not a lot of rain, but we had some earlier with hail. Some pretty impressive lightening too. Was an easy drive, less than two hours. By the time I finally stopped to take a pee break, I was only about eight miles away. I guess I could have waited, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Kali Cat traveled well yesterday. Absolutely no accidents. I even put down a puppy pad just in case. Will save it for the next time. Good kitty. :)

There were only two developed sites available when I arrived, one with electric and water and one without. The primitive area (no hookups) was completely vacant. So that is where I parked. If I have to be without hookups, I would rather it not be in a crowded campground. Barbara and Jeanne pulled in an hour or two after me, so there are three of us here now. I think I will stay one more night, do a little trail exploring, then head either to Rockhound or directly to Yuma. I heard from Howard yesterday, and they are ready and waiting. 

Since I wake up so early in the morning and can’t fire up my generator until 7 AM, I am using my french press to make my coffee. It takes longer as I have to heat the water and then let it steep, but it beats waiting until 7AM for my first cup of coffee. It also beats instant coffee which I have as a last resort.

Quite the little thunderstorm as I was going to sleep last night. Rain, lightening, thunder…the usual, New Mexico style.

I am currently at Leasburg Dam State Park near Las Cruces, NM. Lots of little trails and desert gardens here. I want to go exploring this morning. Walked up to the office yesterday afternoon and got the map of the park and trails. Looks like I can do a loop that will be a couple of miles. I will be doing it with my camera. This park isn’t as nice as Elephant Butte, but every New Mexico State Park is different. Each has it’s own unique points. This one has three sided enclosures in the developed area. I bet those are really nice to be at. But since the park is full, I won’t be getting one of those this time around.

I just ordered an extension cable for my solar panel so I can move the panel further away from the yeti. I also ordered the 12v charger so I can charge it up while driving without the inverter. I will be ordering some other stuff as well that I have been waiting for a delivery address. I will have an address next week. I may even get my electric scooter ordered. I have looked at a bunch of them, and I’m still going to go with the one I chose months ago. Unless I find something better in person. It has mixed reviews. The people that are happy with it are very happy with it and the same with the people that are unhappy with it. I really don’t want a gas scooter, but will figure it out when the time comes. Honda has a gas scooter that is about 1k more, but is probably much more reliable. If Brighton Garage could get the car sold, I wouldn’t feel so guilty about buying a scooter. Still not sure how I am going to haul it, but will figure it out.

Well, it is light out and I really need a shower, so I guess I should get dressed so I can go get showered and dressed. I hate having to get dressed before I shower, but I am not running around in my night clothes. At least I am closer to the shower here than I was at Elephant Butte. I don't have as far to walk.

Tested my blood sugar this morning, it is still good. Yay.

Today's photos from the trails...


  1. You might want to check out Jeanne's system for her scooter. Even though you might not get one as heavy as hers, she did a lot of research before going ahead and seems really happy with how she gets her scooter on and off the rig. Or - as we said - get one that will fit through the door, and stow it inside during travel. That would be my plan... :)

  2. I watched her unload it yesterday and asked a whole bunch of questions. :) Was very informative.
    I don't buy anything without researching the hell out of it. I have spent a lot of time looking at electric and gas scooters.