Saturday, October 18, 2014

Where to next?

Yesterday was chore day. Cleaning and vacuuming, and general organization. Then I walked. I limited my walk yesterday out to the road and back around the park. It was enough. My hips are hurting from all the walking, but I want to keep doing it. I got a really nice shower after I got back, additional walking as the showers are about half way up the park. I want to walk out to the point today, and just needed to give walking a little break. I would take my bike, but it is such a pain in the ass to get up and down off the back of Ody, it isn’t worth the trouble.

Once my walking and shower were done, I tried out my Mobile Washer and did my laundry.   I had to get creative with the clothes line because I would normally stretch it between the enclosure posts, but my screen house was in the way. Got my clothes all washed and hung out to dry. They were dry by the end of the day. The mobile washer is going to take some practice. I put my clothes in first, and I think I should have put the washer in first. I kept packing them down in the bottom of the bucket. I guess there is a learning curve.

I had some web work to do for one of the snowmobile clubs, so I got out the big laptop and fired that up. I ran out of prepaid internet as it was updating everything, and had a hell of a time getting more added. I had bought a plan earlier in the morning, but since I had used all my allotment, I had to activate it with my phone, and it wouldn’t activate. I ended up buying a second allotment/plan and adding that one. The one I bought earlier is in my reserve and I should be able to add it next time as long as I don’t wait until I am completely out. What a pain that was, and I lost about an hour dealing with that. I really need to find a better internet service. This one works great, have been very happy with it except for the cost. Spending way too much on too little.

After I got everything done, I started a new book. Christine stopped by for a few minutes, and then I was invited along for a walk out to the payment drop box. That was actually further than I had done in the morning, but it was nice to be invited along.

Tomorrow we roll. Not sure where I am headed yet. Want to find out what the others are doing, see if anything sounds intriguing. If not, I will be headed for Yuma. Just checked google maps and it looks like a two day trip. About 550 miles. Today I will probably start prepping, take down the screen house, etc. Will decide later where I am headed. I could just find another state park for another week. It is certainly cheap enough. $20 for five nights with water and electricity. NM has lots and lots of state parks. I will have to look and see what is around here. Or, I could just stay here another week. There is a 14 day max and I have only used five. But after a few days and the initial exploring, I am ready to see something new. It is too late in the season to head north, but there must be something to the west within an hour or two drive. There are also other encampments within Elephant Butte Lake State Park that I could move to. But if I am going to move, it might as well be to someplace new. I really don’t want to hit Quartzsite until November. It will be cooler then.

We had a bit of a wind storm last night. I’m glad the screen house was pegged down. I did have to go out and grab the nylon tarp as it was pretending to be a sail. A few drops of warm rain, a little more wind, and then it was over. Ody was rocking even tho she seemed to be nose into the wind. Makes things kind of interesting. Not too cold this morning, close to 60 degrees.

I did have my catfish for dinner last night. I sauteed some turnip greens and onions and then pan fried the fish with buffalo seasoning. It was very good. I have enough leftover for lunch today. I am trying to eat smaller portions. Not only will it save on groceries, but will help in loosing more weight. I really can’t wear my shorts without a belt now. I keep trying, but they keep falling down. Maybe it is time I bought one smaller pair. I will have to try them on tho because I don’t know what size. I still haven’t weighed myself, and I don’t plan to until later.

I think I am going to toss the watermelon today. It is too mushy for me. I don’t enjoy it when it is like that. I guess watermelon season is over. This last one was very disappointing. Will have to find a winter fruit now. 

It is time to feed the furry one and think about getting myself moving. It was really too late in the morning when I walked the other day and was quite warm. I want to do it while it is cooler. I move faster that way. :)

Here are some photos from this morning's walk and the last day or two.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog - I read back through a lot of posts, then went to the beginning and read forward through a bunch more. You have a nice writing style. I'm looking forward to Leasburg and I'm glad you're coming too. I thought it was funny when I read that you hate to have your picture taken - LOL - we've already got you in a few group photos. :)

  2. I really need to get a couple of those photos on this blog. :) I'm glad you enjoyed my musings. I try to keep it interesting. And thank you for inviting me along.